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Koan of Horns + Mechazor


Just a little something I threw together to level up Songhai (I mained Abyssian for a long time). At some point I’d opened Koan of Horns from a random pack, so I wondered: what if I used all the Mechs to summon Mechazor, and, if that doesn’t win the game and I’m running out of steam, the Koan can turn all the now-useless Mechs into Gore Horns for the final push.

Grandmaster Zendo has won me unexpected games by forcing the enemy general to hit something big with his/her face. I wasn’t sure which draw (Mogwai, Sojourner, Blaze Hound) would be more effective, so it’s one of each so far. Other random cards are because that’s what have come from packs and I haven’t spent any dust crafting Songhai yet… I think 3x Lantern Fox would work better, the Dancing Blades and First Swords are basically filler.

How should I improve this deck? Or, is it a doomed concept and should I just play something else?


I do not think it will fit the meta/will get you further than Gold.
Cons : Too many one offs. I think Mogwai has the best draw POTENTIAL out of the three. Blaze is great if you want a good body on the board too. Sojourner is good enough iMO, but worse than the others.
One Ki, just doesn’t make sense at all.
One Onyx, doesn’t make sense at all.
One Alcuin doesn’t make any sense.
In this deck, Kaleos doesn’t make any sense.
Use Reva. Because if you don’t draw Koan of Horns, well, Kaleos will have been useless.
Koan of Horns itself. This card is extremely situational, and if you manage to summon Mechaz0r, you usually win.
Zendo isn’t useful in this non backstab focused deck. Unless you draw Meme of Horns. Too situational.

Songhai isn’t made for Mecha decks.
Starhorn would do the job better.


I don’t think it’s fair to say a faction is “made” for a particular archetype unless it’s only capable of existing with that faction; for example Abyssian can’t really do artifacts because their artifacts do little on their own.

Songhai has some reasonable Mech utility in Kaleos because getting better positioning on swords + cannons is very invaluable, particularly with Killing Edge/Saberspine Seal.


True enough, no faction is actually “made” for Mecha decks.
But I don’t think that Kaleos synergises well enough with Mechas. The way you position your units can and will always matter but when those units aren’t really good, is it worth it ?


You definitely have an interesting deck build. Koan of Horns could be a nice backup plan when MechaZor fails, given how often Mech decks lose if MechaZor is answered.
I will suggest that you stray away from 1-of cards and high-cost minions like Dancing Blades and First Sword of Akrane. It just seems like, for your build, a plethora of low-cost minions would work well given the deck’s aggressive nature and you want to get multiple minions out quickly. Zor could work well for generating Mechs quickly. SpellJammer can work as more consistent card draw. And Juxtaposition might be a solid replacement for Mist Dragon Seal because it doubles as removal in a pinch, especially in Kaleos, who can blink your minions away before you play it.

I know that sounds like a lot of suggestions. But ultimately, I’m just suggesting a lower curve, and perhaps using a different card draw engine for the most part. Mech decks always instill a certain fear factor as it is, and I find the Koan of Horns backup plan as more efficient than a lot of other backup plans Mech decks tend to have.


Thanks! So far:

I’ve got to Level 11 Songhai and can now pick Reva, so the deck has served its purpose :slight_smile:

First Sword and Dancing Blades are dead draws, you’re right about them.

Sword of Mechazor plus inner focus is v. effective, especially when ported into position.

I’m feeling a lack of defensive / comeback mechanics. If I’m behind on the board, I often find myself unable to play mechs from my hand because I’ll die unless i play something else now and lack the mana to do both, and unwilling to replace them because they’re my win condition. Needs something to heal and stall like an Aymara healer but that’s the wrong faction.

Hi ho. I’ll tweak it and keep it for quests I think.


I made some tweaks, and just played a game where the game plan worked out perfectly so I thought I’d share a video of the replay =)

It’s vs Starhorn Mech, and after relativately even to-ing and fro-ing, where both Mechazors kill each other, Koan of Horns forces a concede.

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