Koan of horn deck,feedback please ^^


I’d like some feedback about this deck.
Thx in advance


Maybe it’s just me, but the image is tooooo small. It also gets extremely blurry when zoomed in.



I reposted the deck so it should work


(Edited: I mid clicked the send button before finishing my words. I made the same mistake multiple times. Goddamn the mobile interface)
That’s a cool deck. I’m not much experienced in Songhai, but I have just a few questions about this deck:

  1. Is the amount of 2-mana minions enough? There are a lot of cheap cards in this deck, but nearly half of it are spells. You might get a bad starting hand and lose before Koan of Horns.

  2. Is the amount of spells too much? You might burn through your deck too quickly before you get your card draws. You may also find some spells not particularly useful, as Deathstrike Seal and Juxta are a bit too situational.

  3. Are your included minions too fragile? Karata could be easily traded off, and heartseekers die to Skorn/bloodtear alchemists.

  4. Do you have enough removals? You could get good grades with deathstrike seal, backstabs, and heart seeker.

I see how this deck works miracle in “ideal situations”, but your draws and board situations might not be always as smooth.
I would suggest removing some juxta, heartseekers and juxta for healing Mystics, primus fists, lantern foxes or gorehorns. You might also consider switching to Reva instead of Kaleos for the heartseeker spawns. Adding tigers, pheonix fires, onyx seal, dispels and repulsor beasts would also help you a lot. Heaven’s Eclipse is also a viable option, as it helps you draw into Koan/Ancestral Div.

Again, I’m not master in Songhai. These are my opinions only.


Seems good. I haven’t tried Grandmaster Zendo not have I seen it on ladder, so I can’t speak for its strength, but the deck seems solid overall. I would add in some more draw via Heaven’s Eclipse the new 2 drop battle pet, Lkian, or mana vortex.


An additional question: does Deathstrike Seal works with War Pando’s “damage all enemy minions by 1” effect?
This will be some sick board clear if it works.

  1. There are 9 player 1 turn 1 plays, so I think the 2 - drops are fine.

  2. Welcome to songhai.

  3. Only heart seeker has < 3 hp, also killing edge helps and it shouldn’t be a problem.

  4. Death strike seal is hard removal and hopefully your stabbers can kill the weak ones. Though you have a point here, no dispel and no onyx bear seal.

I think that death strike seal + battle panddo/ heartseeker should not be ignored - DSS is pretty good! And juxta is crucial for backstab.

That being said, only 3 spelljammers /maybe killing edge for draw is not enough… would go with xho over kaido or 1 heavens eclipse somewhere.


It does. And it’s awesome.


@atd09 Hoooly shit this combo is absolutely nuts, at least on paper. Gonna try more Songhais solely because of this fact


Thx bublublub for your answer so I 'll try to explain my choices.
The idea is to play a lot of cheap minions so you can draw from ancestral divination and then with the “free” gorehorn so that’s why i played 6 1 drop and it makes up for the lack of 2 drop but i didn’t find any other 2 drop (maybe jaxi ?)

Juxta works very well with backstab minions and it’s also a removal so that’s why i put 3 of them (also really good against demonic lore or repulsive beast) but i can see why it could be clunky.

Deathstrike seal was one of my biggest hesitation as i have 3 battle paddo and 3 hearthseeker that work well with that card maybe i shouls add more ranged minions (I’m thinking about the new 3 drop ki beholder instead of paddos (don’t really know)

I don’t think healing mystic or primus fits in that deck the thing is I’d like to keep the concept of cycling with cheap minions as i feel it s the best for koan of horns deck.

I don’t feel like i can’ t add eclipse nor mana vortex as it’s kind of a minion deck and i want t cycle minions not spell,plus i only have 40 slots for my decks ^^

I made this deck today and played less than 10 games so i’ll see how it goes


I think xho would be really good, as it’s good t1 and gives you a card to at least replace. Maybe even better than kaido.


Your deck looks really interesting. It’s a pity that I’m still missing quite a lot of cards. Do you mind if I add you in the game and watch your previous gameplays?


The problem is what do i cut for putting xho ? if i remove kaido i feel like i don’t have enough backstab to play juxta :frowning: *(tough choices)


Hmm… Well, I’m going to run it instead of zendo (cause I have no zendos)

Maybe run 2 juxta and 2 ancestral and run 2 xho?


To bublublub

I don’t mind if you add me but I’m not logged on right now and i didn’t have played a lot with this deck.


tried the deck for a few matches but doesnt seem to work well at all.
Either you only draw spells and get fucked or you do draw minions but you will enver make it to turn 8 anyway because all the minions are horrible efficiency so they will get rekt by any enemy minion or spell of equal manacost


Well if spells cost more than the thing they killed, it would be terrible.

But yeah, it’s possible there needs to be bigger minions, though Hamon is already there .