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Knucklestorm Songhai

While I was lurking the forums before the expansion hit, one particular new card caught my eye: Knucklestorm! This card is the pinnacle of interactivity, and it’s a fantastic cornerstone for an Arcanyst deck. It serves its purpose as a ping and light removal in the early game, and in the late game, Knucklestorm is a face-bashing machine.


Deck Inclusions:

The core concept of this deck is to cast Knucklestorm as many times as possible with the help of Meditate, Alcuin Loremaster, and Alcuin Fugitive. Aethermaster is in this list to help cycle for Knucklestorm support cards throughout the game, and Heaven’s Eclipse is a somewhat inconsistent but usually pretty solid way to dig for a final flurry of blows in the late game. Trust me, nothing feels dirtier than getting 3 Knucklestorms out of Eclipse.

Because all of the minions that support Knucklestorm are Arcanysts, I decided to add Owlbeast Sage, Chakri Avatar, and Araras Prophet as Arcanyst support. Araras Prophet seems pretty good so far, and getting an extra Owlbeast ping from Brilliant Plume is excellent.

Gotatsu is there for ping and cycle, while Phoenix fire can be used as early game removal or face damage. Mind Cage Oni is an annoying threat that can fetch more spells for your Arcanysts. Bloodrage Mask is great at wearing down opponents over the course of the game, and Spelljammer is a reliable draw engine to keep the fists flying.

Piloting Advice:

While playing this deck, be sure to never cast Knucklestorm by itself. Duplicating it with Meditate or recycling it with the Alcuins is a necessity to get value out of Knucklestorm. I recommend trying to develop your Arcanyst board in the earlygame while gradually Intensifying Knucklestorm over the course of the game. Your endgame is to pray to your draw and cycle engines to find Knucklestorm.

While this isn’t the best deck, it’s incredibly fun to pilot. I hope you enjoy yourselves with this deck as much as I am. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

Happy Duelysting,



What about fitting a couple of Firestorm Mantra in there for a wincon? Or was it not necessary

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Def not needed, you are pummeling them with more more dmg with every cast

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I tried almost the same deck and it seemed underwhelming due to draw inconsistency. (I played - 2 oni, -2 mask, -1 alcuin fugitive + 3 prismatic illusionist, +1 kensho vortex, +1 heaven eclipse).

Alcuins are good, but they are shitty board presence. You can’t clear swarms. Earlygame, when knucklestorm is weak, you can’t clear anything. And even more important, ideally you want knuklestorm with meditate in your hand - and it may not happen until you cast heaven eclipse at 5 mana and lose the poor amounts of tempo you got.

Being harsh? But really, eitther I sucked or the deck itself. The former is very possible, I’m not a pro.

At what rank do you play this deck? What are the harder matchups?

I really want this to work, may I add you ingame and see your replays, @halfandhalf ?

EDIT. Also, do you specifically want to copy Knucklestorm, or Phoenix Fire is also OK? Or plume?


well i dont have the spirit for fugitive yet
but what is ur thought about replacing fugitive with loreweaver?

I agree that the deck isn’t top tier. Besides Owlbeast and Chakri, none of the other Arcanysts are very threatening beyond their abilities. If you’re in a pinch, Meditating Phoenix Pire is an alright play, but it’s not worth it to copy Plume.

I’ll be happy to add you ingame. It’s been a while since I played Duelyst, so I’ve been playing this deck and experimenting with other factions while trying to work my way through silver. I don’t think this deck will ever be a meta-defining threat, but It’s a lot of fun, and that’s why I wanted to share it. I’ll definitely keep trying to make it optimal, but this deck’s optimal probably still has a hard time competing with tier 0 threats.

@lunegal I would advise against using Loreweaver as it tends to be inconsistent as a draw engine.

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Sorry, I didn’t want to sound offensive, nor did I mean the deck shouldn’t be posted if it’s not top tier. I myself post decks I’m having fun with and I really appreciate your work. It’s always nice to meet fellow hai player.

I was just asking how is it going. Do you struggle with swarm?

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The matches I’ve had are pretty draw dependent, and factions with great value minions like Magmar and infinite minions like Lyonar are a very tough matchup.


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