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Knowing your/enemy Deck


knowing your deck with what you have and what strategy to use ?

this tutorial guide help to understand this and build a better deck i
hope you guys like it tell me what do you think do you agree with me or
think i miss something :slight_smile:


doesn’t this counts as advertising?


I think it is, but regardless he is trying to give out info to the community


dude it is a guide hopefully contains useful information for the players so
does it matter if it is advertising


i mean, rules are made to be followed man.

i could make an extreme analogy for example.
does it matter if i cross the road wherever i want? since hopefully i can reach my destination faster?

it does matter. if for example they let this be, what’s stopping others to advertise too? should you be given special permission?

hopefully you’ll get my point. a rule is made to be followed by everyone regardless of your intention.


Hey man, thanks for keeping watch!

But there’s nothing wrong with sharing content that’s exactly this: a community guide.
@kingduel please have the reflex of not asking for likes and sub - it makes your helpful intentions clearer! I’m editing your post to remove the last line and nothing more :>

What make a good card in duelyst?

thanks for making it clear

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