Klaxon in Cassyva - is this deck too greedy?


Hey there. My inner Timmy made me cave in some time ago and had me craft 3x Klaxon to utilize in my cassyva decks. Worked pretty well up until diamond, but now I’d say I’m averaging at a 50% W/L. Not sure if it’s because of my piloting skills or the deck itself, but I managed to hit S-Rank before, so that’s that.
It used to have some Azaleas in it as well, but they really felt too flimsy and gimmicky (I never had them when I needed them, and all the other times they’d just take space away and would’ve worked like a more expensive spectral blade)

What do you say? Is it too greedy? Too little healing? I notice that if I’m able to get proper draws early, I can generate TONS of tempo via juggies/ooz/crawler, but if I’m clawing for cards early on, I sometimes find it hard to get back in the game even if I manage to stall it out, because my other options are somewhat lackluster it feels.

Maybe it’s the draw? I’ve seen many cassyvas run Spelljammers these days so that you do not lose all tempo when needing some draw, or sojourners because they’re dirt cheap. Had Jammers in my older deck, but I always felt weird about giving my opponent cards as well. Sojourners on the other hand I could see myself put in, but without buffs to synergize with, this feels like a huge tempo blowout as well.

Anything I’m missing here?


I like klaxon a lot, I run two.

I originally ran full control cassy and after hitting diamond stagnated around 50%

I then didn’t play her for a long time, built her aggro after rise of the blood born, then slowly tweaked and tweaked and before I knew it I was back to control cassy, and she’s better than she used to be. Punish has made her great at control

I think klaxon is definitely playable, stops a lot of momentum, and is great into a ghost azalea or obliterate


klaxxon doesnt really fit with this deck.

your deck is pretty aggressive what with over half your deck being under 2 mana. i honestly wouldnt be suprised if you replaced klaxxon with spelljammers and the healing mystics with flameblood warlocks for a super aggressive list. at the rate you can dump your hand, you need cheaper draw than rite to keep up the pressure.

you really only want klaxxon in decks where you expect to reach 9 mana every single game and go on for several turns after that. (i.e. slow as hell cass control deck)


Some parts of your deck seem odd. On the one hand, you are running many 2 drops. On the other, you have Klaxon and double Obliterate. I would personally swap out some 2 drops for heavier stuff, like Reaper of the 9 moons, or Spelljammer. I would also replace Rite of the Undervault with another form of draw, to compliment the higher curve.

With Klaxon, I like to run a few copies of Ghost Azalea, since you are more likely to have creep that you can capitalize on in the lategame. Against creep, most decks want to get in your face. Azalea is a nice counter for this.

I consider Klaxon an Aymara healer without the heal. It has more stats and threatens more damage on death, but cannot heal you.


If it feels too inconsistent, maybe it is. Looks consistent but you could always take out, say, 2 mystics and throw in a lure and a void pulse. There’s always much to test. I find with decks like this there’s always a certain card I need, and if I have it, I’m powerful, but if I don’t I could easily lose.


Does the rest of my deck scream aggression? I mostly used this many low drops to survive against aggro and tempo - when I’m behind and I need to use removal, I want to be able to play another body on that turn - thus, a two-drop. Healing Mystics for example. Otherwise using punish does nothing to swing tempo, it just stalls a bit and leaves me open to aggression.

So far, I think I might remove a Klaxon and go for a few sojourners as more reliable early draw, because I often find myself at a card disadvantage if I have to dump my hand early and unable to use rite without dying.


I think it depends on how you’d like to win. by If its using obliterate, then klaxon is good but i would definitely go towards losing rite and replace it with either sojourners or spelljammers.

-1 punish
-2 rite

  • 3 spelljammers/sojourners

if you have problems getting back in the game, then rite absolutely wont help you.


Replace an obliterate with a shroud.


In my version, I run both 2 Spelljammers and 2 Rites, but only 1 Obliterate. I think there is never enough card draw for Cassyva :slight_smile:


Yeah, I can see that with all the cheap and strong spells available. But if I want to play a more mid-range or even lategame oriented approach, you often have to decide between drawing and answering, and that leaves you vulnerable in my experience.

As to removing the second obliterate: I don’t agree. It’s too central, and I want to draw it sooner or later. Using it as a one-off is too inconsistent for my taste.


if your goal with the ridiculous number of low drops is to survive the early game from aggression then i dont really see the need for bloodtear alchemist. cassyva has plenty of ping. an extra healing mystic, demonic lure, and either void pulse or shroud would do well AND increase your consistency. and if you are taking a lot of face damage in these matches, swapping out mystic for azure herald can keep you healthy. i personally like spectral blade since you can clear AND heal a bit.

reread the original post and some advice : the reason your feeling that you have a hard time getting back in the game when you fall behind is because you have so many low drops and very few greedy cards. reaper helps regain lost tempo and forces your opponent to be super careful in how they remove it (unless they are running a full aggro deck with nothing but 2 drops). personally i like to run more removal than just punish so i can easily answer more than 3 cards. 1 necrotic sphere is good tech against walls, obelysks, provokes, and the usual strategy of trying to box you in. 3 demonic lures is a must in any abyss deck. then again i like running control and it seems like you are describing what is known as “fast cass”.

it just feels like your trying to play a fast deck but adding in slow cards because you need some late game.


I … never questioned Bloodtears. They at least put a body on the board, and oftentimes, a double ping is a great removal for ranged threats in my experience.


I’ve made some changes to the deck, and so far, it’s looking pretty promising. Not only is having a 3-drop actually really convenient for curving out in the early game, sojourners so far have been fairly consistent at keeping my hand full (and thus giving me more options to deal with the horrifying threats you tend to find on ladder these days).
Haven’t really missed bloodtear alchemists so far to my surprise. The only thing I’m not so sure about is the reaper of the nine moons. I might just replace it for spectral blades, but then again, reaper is a nice card on a creepless board, and that shit sadly does happen.

Stats in diamond so far: 3:0

Edit: woops forgot the deck.


congrats on the win! How do you win normally with the new deck? Im also at diamond and I’m currently experimenting new builds for cass. There are quite a few times where I experienced having no creep at board but mostly it happens when I get pressured early and my creep crawler dies instantly. I then rely on tempo to win


Oh don’t get me wrong - usually if you don’t manage to build up creep, your pressure will be lackluster anyways. But with reapers you’ve got a backup plan, and Klaxons can manage to get you back in there later on as well. Not to mention that Oozes still have nice bodies for their price.

I’ll do some more laddering later on and will report on my experiences.


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