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Klaxon & dominate will



After using Dominate Will on a Klaxon, the Klaxon was destroyed and summoned the six Creep tiles.
However, despite being colored red and facing the direction indicate it belonged to the Vetruvian, the Creep tiles acted as if they were still owned by Abyssian.

As Abyssian, I was even able to use a Night Fiend’s ability with the red creep tiles, even though it is clearly written ‘near friendly Shadow Creep’ on the Night Fiend’s card.

Only screen shot I was able to capture.
(It shows the red tiles clearly facing the direction they would be had the enemy actually owned them.)

Operating System:

[Windows / Mac / Linux]

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Steam Version (Current)

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Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Summon Klaxon
  2. Have Vetruvian cast Dominate Will on it
  3. Kill Dominated Klaxon
  4. Have Vetruvian place a monster on new creep tiles that spawn from Klaxon / Have Abyssian use cards that target friendly creep tile, specifically.