Kickstarter Physical Rewards and Clarification on what rewards mean now


Reposted from Reddit. I’m hunting high and low for info on this…:

Hello All.
I’ve been trying to search for an answer for this, but I don’t really know where to turn now so I figured I’d post here.
I donated at the “Sharian Figurine” tier and added on an art book. I’m just wondering which items of my donation level have changed/no longer exist as well as clarification. Below are the “items” i pledged for:

  1. Forum Access- With the “official” forums back, this is a non issue

  2. Game +6 Hi res wallpapers- I received my game code (game code meaning the card library up to a point), however what is the update with the Hi res wallpapers?

  3. Alternate Faction colors and Chromatic visuals- Is this still a thing? Will there ever be alternate faction colors? Also, i remember reading about the chromatic visuals but those being for “golden” cards. Will i get these alternate colors and chromatic visuals OUTSIDE of opening a pack to get the “golden” card?

  4. Beta Access- Was able to be part of the beta and the alpha, no problems here

  5. “Abyssian” faction- Is it safe to say this was lumped in with the game, since the cards were for all factions?

  6. 5 spells and 5 neutral minions- same as #5, this was lumped into the “game” code?

7 . Physical Poster- Update on this?

  1. Sharian Host Miniature- Update on this item?

  2. Art Book- again, is there an update on this?

Thanks for your time whomever reads this


How come you haven’t got this already? I play for more than a year now and was still too late for the Kickstarter.


I received my game key code to get the cards up to a point, so I’ve received the game. However, I’m just trying to get info on the other remaining items. I’ve asked around and have only received the statement “it’s being worked on”.


It is rather slow going. In particular would like to see the art book, given that there are some fantastic pieces in Duelyst.


More than a year to receive your kickstarter rewards? I wouldn’t even be surprised if that was against the terms and conditions of kickstarter. The game has been officially released and everything.


Plenty of kickstarters have been more delayed than a year. Years even.


Actually, it’s not. Since receiving a compensation for your pledge and not buying a product, it’s up to the project creator when they deliver the rewards. CP has been pretty awesome in delivering stuff so far, so it’s safe to assume they will deliver cool rewards.


@ferocca Thanks for your concern. This kickstarter was literally the first project that I backed, and admittedly I didn’t know what I was getting into in terms of time lines/release schedules. I’ve been aggressive as of late in trying to get information on these rewards because little more than 1/2 of my kickstarters have gone belly up (post being funded completely) and I’ll never see anything from what I donated. Also, a couple of projects that I supported are having issues delivering everything promised, so here I am just trying to make sure this isn’t another Kickstarter casualty for me.

@Okojo would you mind elaborating regarding the delivery of stuff? When it came to the Alpha/Beta, CP delivered for sure. There was definite confusion when the game shifted structures from a full game to F2P, but they were adamant in keeping people in the loop with what the definition of the “game” was and what you’d receive. well, maybe not as I’m still confused because there are other digital game items (prismatics, alternate faction colors) that are still up in the air. will there NOT be alternate colors? Has the concept of prismatics changed so much so that they can’t give them as they originally planned to?

Regarding the other items that I listed, unless I missed the memo (which is very possible since I don’t spend nearly as much time in the Duelyst universe as I used to), I’m completely in the dark. Has any info been stated regarding the physical stuff?

thanks for your time


Alpha, Beta, high rez wallpapers have been delivered for sure. I don’t want to suggest content that wasn’t actually released, so best to hear from CP or a mod. Have you checked on Kickstarter itself?


The hi-Rez wall papers were released? Was this via the old art thread in the old forums? I didn’t save them if that’s the case :confused:

I’ve tried the KS page as well. It’s a ghost town save for the occasional individual asking for a refund/game code


They are in the art pack:


I’m sort of in the same place. There was a mistake with my Kickstarter rewards, and so I contacted Counterplay’s Customer Service. They said that they couldn’t handle anything relating to Kickstarter rewards, but had passed along my issue to the folks who could. This happened in May. I have yet to hear anything from anybody about it. As someone who was on the old forums, where the devs were super responsive and available, it’s a bit disconcerting and disappointing to see such a change.


mystifying message in the latest email from Counterplay,

“And our exclusive Kickstarter Rewards are almost complete. Here’s the near-complete Rogue Legacy skin in collaboration with Cellar Door Games!”

Rogue Legacy? What purpose will skins from other games have in Duelyst?


Fanboyism, I believe. Which is always good as it will bring more lost souls to the battleground.


I think it’s time to bump this topic, since mine got closed after 14 days for some reason.

Dear devs, are there any news on physical rewards? With 2 add-on out, I think it’s time you sort out things that you owe to the people who helped you make this game a reality.


This is no longer exclusive to kickstarter either, I commented on the dev post announcing it, but I have yet to hear anything. :confused:


Here’s an email I got December 8th:

We finishing up the final touches on the art book. It’s looking really solid and it’ll be ready for shipping in a few weeks. Sorry for the delay, but it turned into a 182+ page book.

We’ll get it to you soon!


thanks for the bump.

what add-ons got sent out?

thanks again!


Incoming artbook in early 2017?

Oh yiiiiis


Okojo receiving physical goods? As a mod?

The forums are pay-to-win! I demand a rebalance!