Ki Control (smashthings, top15)


Sup guys, smash here, thought I’d showcase my recent baby. I think I finished somewhere between ranks 9-15 in September season. currently I’m 18-2 this season as well.

deckbuilder link

a few notes;

  • Rui is in the deck mostly because the deck is vulnerable to Rui, and the natural counter to Rui is, you’ve guessed it, your own Rui. Running 2 copies is not necessary though, if you what you can cut one and add whatever.
  • Panda has some powerful combos with Deathstrike seal, but its also a reasonable card in its own right.
  • Xho is a pet, which means in some cases he is a risky proposition. However, the reward is worth it; worst case you get a spell to replace and in the best case the spell you get is amazing. Overall, I like Xho since it means we are slightly less reliant of spelljammer/fox to keep our hand plentiful.

Any questions, ask away :slight_smile:


cool deck, but i see no point why i should play this over aggro/spellhai reva ^^


Like the deck, but there is 2 things I would change:
-I would play sworn sister or/and heaven’s eclipse rather than spelljammer, giving the opponent cards is going to be very annoying against decks that spend their cards faster than you which I assume is the majority of the deck you are going to encounter, also it fit better in the curve.
-You are lacking late game inevitability for a control deck , I would suggest to add some late game stuff like grandmaster zendo for example.

Those 2 decks are vastly different.


yah, that is an issue.

The deck works, but is it better than a more traditional spellhai? I’m not so sure.

re: thork

Tried Eclipse, but in many cases was too slow with too few spells I wanted to draw. In short, Its more important to draw minions than spells.

Likian — not a good card for this deck, I want to cycle and find good shit, not fill my hand with crap.

Lastly, I’d caution against the notion that jammer “gives” the opponent cards. First, the person that plays jammer always gets more cards or an equal amount from it. 2nd, for them to draw, that means leaving a 2/4 on board. Who wants to let songhai have a single minion on board?

As for lategame — Adding something like Zendo is probably fine (i did run zendo, actually).

BUT, as always, its easy to state the things we would like and harder to find something worth giving up. Sure, I could cut a Xho or something and add Zendo | Pandora | whatever, but then that swap makes the start and mid-phase weaker.

For what its worth I really do like Pandora in Songhai, but right now the meta is fast and nobody is running 7-drops. Basically, I’m not convinced i need lategame to beat other ctrl decks because most other ctrl decks stop thier curves and 5-6 mana too.


nice deck, im running -1 spell jammer and -1 bear seal and +2 eclipse. it has a great start and so far i only lost 1 game out of 5.


The deck looks relly good. I’d try it with 1 or 2 Jax. Is it a worthy idea?


Jax Trusight u mean?

If I were to add more lategame I’m not sure it would be Jax that I add.

For one thing we don’t have a strong follow up to win the turn after (e.g. Razorback). And for 2 it makes us really vulnerable to a lot of cards (e.g. Plasma storm, Skorn are good already).

Also as an I said I finished top 15 in op post. Turns out last day (post s-rank changes) doesn’t actually count. :frowning: thus, I probably finished 150, or something.