Khymera's pool not updated?


So I’ve been tweaking with a cheesy Vaath list lately using Khymera and I have yet to summon any Shim’zar token. Now I’d understand if battle pet tokens were intentionally left out, but I was expecting Kron prisoners, Frostiva Vespyrs etc. Maybe it’s just a matter of rng that I haven’t seen one yet, although I have damaged it quite a few times :stuck_out_tongue: Has anyone else been experimenting with it and can offer some insight?


I wouldn’t be surprised if they just forgot about it.


Yeah you may be right. With all the ruckus about the expansion it wouldn’t be so weird for Khymera to be forgotten FeelsBadMan. On the other hand the smaller the pool, the greater the chances for Mechaz0r so hey I’m not complaining too much.


That might be deliberate too. Diluting the pool too much would increase variance and require balancing every expansion.


Possible, but unlikely, imo it’ll never be good enough to nerf unless they add like at least 10 really good tokens


Would be hilarious to summon a Bloodfire Totem with your Khymera proc :stuck_out_tongue:


Theyve stated that core set cards with random pull effects might not be updated to include shimzar. That being said, they updated chrysalis burst to include shimzar things, so maybe it is a bug. Would be nice to have a dev elaborate on this.