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Keyword Design Mini-Contest


Did you think one contest for March was enough? If so, you were a fool!

Welcome, one and all, to the first (and likely last) Mini-Contest! Your task is simple: develop an original and balanced keyword for Duelyst. On March 8th, I will give a 2-orb code to the person who came up with the coolest keyword, in my opinion. Or maybe we’ll have a vote. It depends.


Power sap
Power sap’s special effect is: Whenever you get attacked, steal X attack from the attacker. X equals the damage taken from the attack.

Additional details

Keyword designed for bulky minions of Lyonar and/or Magmar, it can also be applied to Generals in a way (possible Saurian rework???). If someone, who has stolen attack with Power sap, is dispelled, he returns the attack to the target it was stolen from. Dispelling the one who has lost the attack will simply put them to their pre-stolen attack, minion with Power sap doesn’t lose attack this way. Death doesnt return attack. If the attacker dies in the process, attack is still stolen. Attack damage is stolen after damage is dealt, so the minion retaliates with the bonus attack.


Ooh nice, I always had some keywords that I think is interesting to be implemented.

When an enemy unit moves to adjacent space of this unit, deal damage to that enemy unit.

Additional Details

For balance, unit with Sentry cannot move or attack on your turn, except when there is an enemy unit moved or summoned nearby the Sentry unit.
(example: enemy moved by syvrel the exile, repulsor, juxtaposition, etc)

Sentry always activates when the condition is fulfilled unlike Sentinel.

Variation can be made on the “range” of Sentry activation.
Damage can be based from attack or a specified number: Sentry(X)


I think it would be more fair if you only submitted one. However, I like seeing more ideas… just choose one of yours to “officially” submit.


This minion’s attack and health will be hidden at the start of your next turn.

Additional Details

What happens when Mysterious procs:

  • All stat changes will not be displayed when you hover over that minion.
  • Keywords will still be displayed.
    Example: Astral Phasing displays Flying but will not display +5 Health
    when you hover over that minion.

Mysterious can be dispelled.


ANY other minion in this minion’s column cannot move


Git rekted dankbeast, but seriously, if a minion tries to cross said column, they will be able to. But if they are already in it, or move exactly on a space satisfying the condition, they will be affected.

I imagine the more aggro oriented factions would have a keyword opposite to this that lets them bypass it as well as the provoke keyword.


You may replace a creature you control in the field for this one. If you do, give it Rush.

Essentially a Songhai exclusive transformation-like, as well funzies with opening gambit recycling.


A special condition that allows you to change the deck/hand of both players. Whenever it activates, the player that initiated it shuffles a card from their hand into the opponent’s deck, and draws another card. They can then choose to swap a card from their hand for a card in the opponent’s.


Scroll Bandit, but with new text such as Backstab: Manipulate

Whenever that Scroll Bandit backstabs, you are brought to a selection screen (similar to like placing walls, targeting stuff with alch, teleports etc, except the hand can be seen at the top (and the replace button becomes a trash can sort of thing). The player can drag a card to the replace button, or press skip, and then they are brought to a second selection screen consisting of the same thing, where they could press skip again, if desired.

For example, you have a hand with 2 Swamp Entanglers, and you decide to shuffle one into the opponent’s deck, and draw a card, and you also decide to give one to your opponent in exchange for another card.

Yes, I realize its overly complicated, and completely fails in a “Lightning Fast Battles” game, and embraces almost 0 tactics.


This is literally Dnd’s Opportunity attacks :joy:


Sorry, I didn’t know, never played DND.
Should I change?


Nono, its completely fine! :sweat_smile:. I just found it funny how much it does resemble it.


If minions with this keyword attack an enemy minion and it (enemy minion) doesn’t die, reactive them ( friendly minions that attacked)


This card can only be played while an allied “Dimension Gate” is on the field.

“Dimension Gate”
5 Mana 0/10 structure
Cannot be targeted by spells
Opening Gambit: Draw three “Ethereal” cards from your deck.
Dying wish: Dispel and Destroy all ethereal minions.


Ethereal is basically a negative keyword, but the cards themselves are more powerful to make up for it.


“Gate Man”
3 Mana 4/5 minion.

“Portal Bolt”
1 Mana spell
Deal 5 damage to an enemy.


I guess conditional keywords like Zeal are fine?

If so, my submission is:

Activates an effect when the minion possessing this keyword is transformed.


Frostbite Ranger
3 mana 3/1
Ranged. Morph: Summon a copy of this minion nearby.

Resilient Guardian
5 mana 4/6
Morph: Deal 4 damage to the enemy general.

This keyword would benefit especially Vanar, providing various opportunities for transform-related combos, while finally giving a downside to cards like Blood of Air.


It’s kind of the opposite. Opportunity attacks trigger when a creature runs away, not when it moves up next to another creature.


If a minion or artifact with concentrate ends it’s turn while it is still active (able to attack), it’s concentrate ability triggers.


Windup golem
2 mana 0/5 Lyonar golem
Concentrate: gain +2 attack until it’s next attack

6 mana 3/7 Songhai minion
Rush, Concentrate: add two inner focus cards to your hand.

Eternity clock
4 mana Vetruvian artifact
Forcefield, Concentrate: Summon a copy of your general with Rush and Ephemeral at the start of your next turn.

Lava Engine
4 mana Magmar artifact
Concentrate: gain +2/+2 permanently

Vent Lurker
2 mana 2/3
Concentrate: gain “Dying Wish: return this to your action bar”

Drauger Axe Flinger
3 mana 3/4 Vanar minion
Concentrate: gain +1 attack and ranged until the end of your next turn.


Rally: Gains an effect if there are 3 or more minions nearby.


Guess which minion is in which faction :stuck_out_tongue:

2 mana 2/2
Rally: +2/+2

Invoked Will
3 mana 5/5
Rally: Destroy this minion.

3 mana 3/4
Rally: Nearby friendly minions have Provoke.

4 mana 1/5
Rally: Nearby friendly minions have Flying.

3 mana 3/3
Rally: Destroy all nearby minions.

4 mana 3/9
Rally: Cannot move.



This minion gains a bonus effect when nearby same(name) minion
(similar as zeal, bond)

2 mana 2/3
Tie : give this minion +1 attack

2 mana 2/3
Tie : if this minion attack, deal 1 damage enemy general

3mana 3/2
Tie : if this minion Tied, deal 2 damage nearby enemy minion


3 days left to come up with a keyword, folks!


I need any chance I can find to improve my card base.


Transports to a random tile and is invisible until your next turn. In the event that any other minion tries to occupy this minion’s tile, any minion with this ability is destroyed, (as in an enemy minion moves to that tile the hiding minion is destroyed. If two minions with the ability try to hide on the same tile, both are destroyed.


Notorious Bandit
4 mana 3/3 Neutral Arcanyst

Hemophiliac Assassin
7 mana 10/1 Songhai minion

Wild Makantor
5 mana 2/2 Magmar pet