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Kensho Vortex Combo, Deck tech and sneak preview!


Good day!

I thought I’d share a concept I’ve been working on since I don’t have that much time playing atm due to irl stuff. Feel free to tinker, comment or just give some advice and lets collaborate to make this a fun one shall we.

Screenshot_790 Screenshot_791 Screenshot_794%20(1)

And now for the deck:

So what the hell is going on here exactly?

What we have here is a unique take on the Mantra archetype but instead of relying on out of hand damage, we aim to combo cheap spells to discount our Kensho Vortex’s and eventually summon big boards while controlling the enemy board and sustaining ourselves with Firestorm Mantra.

Some notes;

  • Kensho Vortex gets a double discount if drawn with Loreweaver and weaver in particular combo’s well with cheap cards such as Gotatsu, often resulting in you drawing 4+ more spells at a time, which can be particularly devastating if one of those are Kensho as it will be practically free to cost almost as soon as you draw it with your Loreweaver.

  • Vortex will always gives you a minion with a mana cost equal to the spell you cast +2 so a 2 mana spell will give a 4 drop, a 5 mana spell with give a 7 drop etc.

  • In the instance where you cast a 8 mana spell, since there are no 10 cost minions in the game, Vortex will summon the next closest thing, in this case Worldcore Golem. In other words a zero mana Kensho combo’d with a Spiral Technique will always summon Worldcore Golem.

  • The Primary payoff cards for Vortex are your Barrage’s as they can give you a 7 and 4 drop will dealing 6 damage to the enemy for a single card. Mantra can heal you and deal damage while getting a 8 drop and Spiral as noted above will summon a 25/25. However do not be afraid to use it in combination with stuff like Bamboozle early on as developing a 5 drop while removing their minion is pretty good value too.

Ask away!strong text


Are you going to meditate Kensho or what?

More Loreweavers?

Is it possible to play without a spear and 8g8s?



-Meditate is a cheap spell that is mainly used after you gotatsu with Loreweaver on t2/3 or by using a early bear seal+meditate to ensure you draw removal in protracted games.
-Weaver while good, isnt always optimal to drop on curve so 2 is better imo
-Spear not only dilutes you draws, but you have less of a need for its ability to trade up on your damage spells since you have Painter/transform effects to act as your removal
-Abjudicator is actively bad here as it sabotages your vortex draws and doesnt play well with Weaver either. It just leads to a lot of clunky draws on general.

Remember the goal is to play a 0 mana Vortex on 6/7/8 mana and combo it with spells at those breakpoints for maximum value, not to build up some out of hand burst combo.


So, how much worse is this deck that the other two ‘all spell’ songhai decks?


That remains to be seen as the shell is in its early development but for the sake of the argument ill clump what I assume to be Firestorm Combo and Artifact Songhai together.

Real talk, this list is worse against Ragnora when compared to both the above, it’s slower, Painter isnt particularly good against Wanderer and you arent going to be beating a flashed out Wanderer any time soon, while both those decks can. (though lets be honest the above scenario is still a crapshoot)

So what’s the draw then, other than simply playing a worse something else for fun?

Well for one, you have a lot more game against the sort of lists that pray against Wanderer and their tech is incredibly awkward against you. Pings, faster aggro decks, and EMP (one of the most played neutrals in the entire game atm) successfully manage to make Artifact songhai unpalatable, that deck, with Mantra also unfortunately suffers from one of the worst matchups against another top meta deck, that being ziran, not to mention both have awkward hand syndrome where removal simply might not line up since both decks are more damage/burn focussed and as such stand to fall behind to pressure/healing a lot easier.

What this deck brings to the table then is the ability to still control boards and due to its card interactions better transition into protracted games. It’s resilient to dispel and doesnt care about healing, pings that damage artifacts or the host of big minions people might be playing to counteract other often too streamlined trail decks. It has better removal and a much better endgame as few of these decks can usually effectively contest the types of board you can create out of seemingly thin air when your deck is also dedicated to controlling board at the same time.

Painter in particular covers a natural weakness other spelldecks tend to have, namely bigger statlines they cannot effectively answer in a timely manner. The tradeoff however is being less reliable to “race” games via when your opponent has gotten too fast of a start on you.

I’ve beaten multiple Ziran decks who’s healing proved ineffective and outvalued Fault decks as well as other midrange lists in question because you do not need to focus your deckbuilding so much on damage as to ignore cards that are better controlling the board, while I concede to have lost ground against other “solo” archetypes and Wanderer Rag specifically.


4 losses out of 4 matches in low gold :frowning: Seems like any variation of Mantra deck is just not for me :frowning:


send me a invite later, some pointers could be a good learning experience for both of us

PS: left out that deck requires 300IQ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok, I’ll do it when I’ll be playing next time :wink:

I got only 130 there’s much to learn…


These fancy players with their multiple digit IQ. :roll_eyes:


I don’t know my IQ actually. Tried several tests throughout my life and got everything from 110 to 150. I think this IQ stuff is bullshit.

End of off topic.


Hey that Ciphy was me :slight_smile: !
I gotta give you that, salt aside for the overwhelming minions which I couldn’t deal with, was an interesting thing to watch and you piloted the deck well, I didn’t see Vortex coming, I thought was some weird mantra list.
I remember I had Star’s Fury in hand, and if memory doesn’t fail me I could have put you down to 1 hp, losing next turn, so I tried to wait and see if I could do better just playing defensively.
Then you played Worldcore Golem :sweat_smile: .


Take a look at your percentile as opposed to actual score; controls for variance between different tests imo.


Any quick tips you have for positioning on vortex turns? I’ve been wrecked by the rng spawns when i piloted T2K’s older iteration of the deck.

Monkey-level IQ make this deck hard.




Mfw they try to BM me with Apex but it pulls my eternity painter instead.




monkeyS :monkey: monkeyS


hoots like monkey


Played 2 games with a modified list. Took out 2 jux and 1 spiral to include 3 8g8s. I just didn’t survive without board wipes.

Seems better atm, I will probably check 8g8s in this deck further. I know it ups the curve a bit, 0 cost spells are useful for Mantra/Kensho, but just can’t help it.

Due to better control with gates I will probably take 1 painter out in favor of additional meditate. We’ll see.

Don’t have much time to test it more, sadly.

EDIT. I also guess I’m doing it wrong, waiting for a huge combo instead of developing Vortex early. But I don’t usually get discounted enough Vortex when I need it.


This is an insanely difficult deck to play with, the amount of control and random casting needed is tough. I’m still working out my variation, but I’ve found that meditating a vortex combo’d with ornate hiogi is way broken, simply can’t move enough to spam all the creatures.

It’s near impossible to get to the Kensho combo without taking some damage, especially against Wanderer because any control achieved with pandos will at least get an attack without any other buff applied. Due to this I added in flicker and Mist walking. This gives movement to keep distance from anything you can’t kill or destroy, and also gives space to cast more when locked into a 4 or 5 vortex hiogi combo. This also opens the option to Kensho into flicker and spam creatures late game. With hiogi its possible to flicker into mist walking and surround your opponent.

Your deck shown has a lot more damage than the one I am currently running. I opted for not running knucklestorm because I initially thought it created a split focus for meditate, but I might be thinking about that wrong. My main meditate focus has been on gotasu early and then only vortex later on in the game. This is mostly because the combo with hiogo is prime.

I see extreme value with Barrage in this deck, I just haven’t tried it yet. Muti Vortex into Spiral is awesome. With a perfect draw it would be possible to hiogi combo lock into multiple votex’s into a mana vortex flicker into spiral and summon a bunch of world core gollem.

I’ve also opted away from loreweaver because I wasn’t finding value with it, but I might just be playing it too early or too late. Drawing into a vortex is obviously dope because of the discounted one that comes along for the ride.

Way fun deck though, I put together my deck before seeing this, so I will for sure try out some of your choices, especially barrage. I tried to run ancestral divination, but most of the time got it when I was locked in a hiogi combo and got no value, or too early and it just took up space.


Not that I advice it, but do you use Sarugi?