Keeper Magmar: Copying my Reddit series over to here


The first deck I named Keeper of Dragons. It took me to S rank this season, and my highest so far is rank 57.

Qeltar posted a great video showing how it plays out

Keeper of the Veil is one of my favorite cards, last I week I shared how I used it in Abyssian, this week lets talk about how I use it for Magmar. The first deck here is the control variant. The basic idea is to abuse rush with keeper.

Game plan is to just kill everything your opponent puts out while playing defensively powering up Vath. Then switch to aggressive Vath Smash style later on. The deck can go face with rush units early on, but it prefers to go the long game, as the longer the game goes, the more of a threat Vath becomes. In fact you almost never want to attack the opposing general with Vath unless it is to seal the game that turn or shortly after as your health is very valuable.

The deck does not run any dispel as between thumping, and egg its usually fine. Even against mechazor you can just rush him down. Plasma and natural selection are a given for a control style game. Last season I took a similar deck to S, instead of Kron, and thumping, I ran the classic metamorph+harvestor.

A few fun mechanics: Since keeper does not proc opening gambits it gets exceptional value out of Elucidator. The deck avoids running any low cost creatures other then tiger to make sure we get big value out of keeper.

Flash reincanation is great as it makes the otherwise expensive deck feel cheaper, one of my favorite turn 1 plays is flash Elucidator, run him into a mana orb then throw a buff on him. Although It has much more interaction in the second list with amplification and taygete. For those that don’t know the damage flash does will cause taygete to damage everything around it when it comes out.

Kron did a lot to help the deck, with him very weak now its likely time to return good old meta/harvestor. Taygete or Sunsteel are also valid options instead of harvest, and if you don’t run Harvestor then Metamorph should probably be eggmorph. Grove Lion is also another great option.

Speaking of the second list,

This decks name is a little silly, I call it Buff Face. Starhorn has a buff face, the deck goes face, and the deck runs all the buffs in order to help with going face…well I think its clever.

On principal I am usually against aggro face decks, but the potential was just to great and I have been having a lot of fun with it. On paper it still looks like Magmar control and it runs the same Keeper+Rush units engine the control variant does. But this one has a rather different game plan. Basically throw out a rush minion, stack buffs on him, and go face. Starhorn keeps you from emptying out your hand by playing all the buffs. Between Taygete, Diretide Frenzy, and of course Makantor you can constantly wipe your opponents field while bringing down the general.

No thumping you may question? Nope, I prefer the cheap buffs, and thumping’s transform is usually quite the hindrance on my super buffed minions, and if I plan to just use it as removal then eggmorph just does the job better. Lets me gimp those provokes and such immediately so I can just go face. I have gone back and fourth on running Taygete in the control version, I hate it when it comes back with keeper, but Taygete with buffs is super rude, plus it has its mini combo with flash.

While similar in principal to the other deck it sort of has the opposite game plan. It does still focus on removal a little early on, and It can go control, but it usually likes to go face and force your opponent to make the trades fairly quickly. You may question Earth Sphere in a face deck, but I assure you that card is amazing. Neither deck can afford to run shitty neutral minion heals as they are both bad and mess up keeper. Against other face decks like Fae, and Songhai in general, they will kill you faster then you can kill them. But both of them tend to fizzle out fairly quick if you throw in a bit of healing. Earth sphere is a massive cheap heal that gets you out of the constant lethal range vs Songhai.

edits: Kron out Sunsteel in.

I am currently S rank 57 got there with my control variant of Keeper Magmar. Since I have not had time to start streaming like I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff each week and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better when I do eventually get around to it. Last week I posted my Reanimator Abyssian decks.

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This looks good!, I´m going to try the first deck, what do you suggest for a budget version without Kron?


Well before him and thumping I ran Metamorphasis and Harvestor. But if you do not happen to own Metamorphasis, I would recommend Lightbringer for a budget substitute to Kron. Gives you a counter to Mechazor and Creep that the current deck lacks after taking out metamorph. Just remember you want to avoid casting it so it does not mess up Keeper summon. So only do so if it’s going to get something huge like 6+creep, mech, or something equally threatening.


This KeeperMar deck is so fun to play! I had similar deck based on Mogwai’s SoloVaath deck, but this list is the refined competitive version. Thanks for sharing.

Cass vs Keeper Magmar Match Up

Glad you like it. It has served me very well.


Hey can you suggest a budget list?
Atm I’m using a Vaath the Senile Librarian V2 list but don’ t have Red Synja ( I got only 1 keeper) and got 835 spirit…
Atm with the control Vaath reached the 9th rank, but wanna something more aggressive, I can win with all faction but having some difficulty with shongai, even some late game positioning (-aka zerg-abyssian, with those lovely shadowdancer) can be a 'lil difficulty.
Thank you!



Interresting playstyle. When I saw the decklist I was like “Full face ?” but then I read the explanation.

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