Kara nerfed + kron nerfed = Deck buffed oO


Here is the deck I am trying to ladder with:

Control lock:

I will update to explain the purpose of each card soon.

But first I let you comment what do you think about this deck.

PS: I am thinking considering replace kron with pandora

Control Lock OTK:

I guess you can imagine how it works. Each time you see “Aspect of the mountains” you replace it. When it’s low cost/high damage enough put on opponents side cast “spirit of the wild” and win the gayme.


I also liked the interaction of kara bbs with kron tokens

it doesnt make it better because it becomes a mandatory 6 mana play but it is still cool


6 mana 5/5 summon 3/3. If you play aethermaster it’s better than before.
Before it was 6 mana 5/7 summon 2/2.


bbs comes before 6 mana, so it was a 5 mana 5/7 or 6/8


True but now you can buff after kron. Sure it’s not broken anymore but it’s still decent in kara deck. While it’s a bad card in every other deck. Maybe I should consider change with pandora.


Thanks for the decks. Unfortunately it reinforces what I immediately guessed yesterday: Kara has gone from a budget-friendly new player staple to a general only for veterans or those who spend lots of money.

This is bad for the game regardless of the merits of the BBS change.

Also, if one of the complaints of Kara was that she was “boring” and “all the decks were the same” why is it that every Kara deck I have seen so far revolves entirely around walls and secondary summon effects? Maybe in time others will appear but I’ve tried her new BBS and it is so bad on primary summons that I am skeptical.


Because walls and secondary summon effects are some of the faction’s primary theme? I’d rather see vanar cards used with kara rather than the old version.


I’ve been playing a rather similar deck, but using lady locke and lightning blitz to make it more of a wall combo deck. The finishers range from constant snow chaser beat down, to the occasional winter’s wake. Will try this list too.