Kara Kombos, New BBS


Hello people, as you all know, Kara was changed recently to make her blood born give +1+1 to each minion you summon on that turn. This not only made her less cancerous, but it also opened her up to some very interesting combos. I’d like to share a couple that I have been using.

1) Super walls 6/7 mana: BBS + Lady Locke + any wall card
Now it was probably no mystery that you would use this BBS on wall cards, but you can also throw a Lady Locke in there, giving them even more stats and provoke. If you use this with blazing spines, you get a 3/3 Lady Locke and two 5/5 Blazing Spines, all with provoke.
2) Inquisitor Corn 6 mana: BBS + Inquisiter Kron + Replace a card
Who said this card was dead? Using it with Kara give’s you a 5/5 and a 3/3 for a total of 6 mana.
3) Kappa of the Vale 6 mana: BBS + Keeper of the Vale
Use this combo to buff not only your keeper but also the minion you summon with it.
4) Jaximus Prime 7 mana: BBS + Jax Truesight
This is a very powerful combo, Kara’s BBS Doubles the effectiveness of this card, as well as protects it from cheesy skorns and other pings.
5) Zurael, The LifeBuffer 8 mana: BBS + Zurael the Lifegiver
Did your enemy just clear your board? That’s cute, just use your BBS and throw Zurael in their face to re-summon everything even better than before.
6) Run Forest Run 8 mana: BBS + Ancient Grove
This is the big one. Have a decent amount of minions on the board, (which can be done easily with your walls) use your BBS and drop this monster, attack with all your minions and make them die. You now have an army of 2/2s with provoke.

It is also worth noting that you can activate these combos on the same turn that you use other minion effects to summon minions, examples include Jaxi, Fenrir Warmaster, Draugar Lord, Prismatic Illusionist, and more.


Glad to see people are experimenting now instead of just whining. Cool ideas, hope to see some combos pulled off against me in ladder.


These names made me laugh really hard xD
Well done!


Holy moly, winter is coming.


Jax + BBS seems very good thing, only 2 meta cards can deal with it othervise you gain a lot of power


I find bbs + ladylocke + gravity well the most effective, it’s a crazy turn 6, 1 3/3 body and 4 2/3 provokes. And you drop it almost every game


cool, new vision for wallnar!


My little brother has Jax Memesight (Now known as Jaximus Prime) and he just tried out the kara combo.

Lets just say there was some salt involved