Kara Can Use Spells Too: A patch 1.74 decklist


Hi there everyone, i just wanted to share a deck idea i came out with for the reworked Kara. unlike previous Kara builds. this one is an arcanyst deck that revolves around casting spells and summoning a sea of tokens so big it makes Rhys the Redeemed players jealous (not really, but you get my point :smiley: ). anyway, onto the decklist:

Win Condition

This deck wins by either getting a token generator such as prismatic illusionist to stick, or combining it with kara’s new bbs and other spells on the turn you play it. this leads to huge armies of tokens that’s if you have an owlbeast sage out, will keep growing until one of them is removed. Jax is there for you if this strategy doesn’t work however, because combined with bbs he becomes 10/10 worth of ranged stats for 7 mana. this also allows it to survive skorn, one of the main reasons the card wasn’t played for a while. once you have lots of targets on the board, you can drop razorback and swing away for tons of damage.


When you have a prismatic or firestarter in hand, it’s better to play the minion first AND THEN bbs. it may seem better to bbs first, but you get overall more value if you do it this way due to getting an extra token which is then buffed. As i found out when testing this, plasma storm is your worst nightmare. although this deck can improve the health of your minions, it has no way of boosting their damage permanently, so storm is really good. just try not to play into it too much and you should be fine.

Card Explanations

Polarity: A cheap spell for removal or token generation. it can turn your owlbeast sage from an annoyance into a way to kill your opponent as well

Aspect of the Fox: It’s a cheap removal that can also be used on walls for a little extra damage in a pinch. Just an overall useful card.

Jaxi: Synergises well with bbs when killed on your turn. A 2/2 ranged is much more scary than a 1/1

Bonechill Barrier: This is mostly a replacement for gravity well, since i don’t have any. 3 1/3 walls that stun minions on attack is still really good though.

Hailstone Prison: It’s another cheap way of delaying your opponent. very good in spell decks

Spelljammer: Since this deck relies on spamming cheap spells, your hand tends to empty really fast, this helps fill it back up. It also works really well with hailstone prison. If i owned 3 I’d be using them here

Razorback: Good old razor has always been one of my favorite Vanar cards, and i love finding excuses to put him in my decks. This is the perfect one for it because he just works so well with the game plan

Firestarter: He’s both a value engine and a source of burst when comboed

Frostiva: if it’s not dealt with it gets out of control fast. forcefield is my favorite keyword and this is one of the best minions with it

Jax Truesight: The king of value is back with a vengeance. he used to be used in all competitive vanar decks but fell out of favor due to skorn existing. this problem is basically solved single-handedly by kara’s bbs. the only cards i can think of that trade one-for-one with him are plasma storm and frostburn. correct me if i’m wrong though.

And that just about sums up the decklist. I hope you all have fun swarming your opponent with walls, illusions, and robots



Thanks for the deck, I think I might actually be able to make this one. :slight_smile:


ty, forgot about that



I am trying this now. First matchup, against Songhai (big surprise) was a slaughter, but I’ll keep at it.


Similarly for Abyssian there existed something called Breath of the Unborn.


May I ask what rank you are and what general approach you are using?

My experience so far is that this is just so slow, and the creatures put down so low health, that I cannot get any sort of board established.


well, this was mainly just my idea for a deck that i wanted to share. most of my games with it were matches with friends. i generally hard-mulligan for prismatic illusionists and cheap spells to use with them. i try to play on curve as much as possible and use my bbs on turns where i’ll be summoning at least 2 minions. when it looks like you’ll have a board start replacing for razorback. if you have jax and razor in your hand in the midgame never replace one unless you absolutely have to


Okay, thanks for the context. At least now I know it’s not just me terribly sucking, because I’m getting not just beaten but obliterated in every game so far, lol. Most of the games are effectively over by turn 3. I just don’t see any way to generate value here assuming your opponent is competent enough to remove what you put down.

Appreciate the effort to put the deck together.


yeah, one of the friends i fought wanted the decklist so i decided to post it as well. so if you have any suggestions for changes to the deck they’re welcome


Well it’s good to see that Kara didn’t wither away, instead becoming significantly more expensive.

I’m not sure how viable walls are yet but it feels good to surround the enemy general with buffed walls turn 3. If the illusionist wasn’t silenced before hand it wouldve been truly ridiculous.

On another note in general when would you bbs before playing owlbeast and when would you do it the other way around? How many arcanysts would you need to buff?


most of the time, i think you’d want to owlbeast first. you want your things to stick more than you need them to do damage in most cases. so i’d say 2 arcanysts including the sage itself