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Kara Buffspyr R&D!


So, Vespyr are pretty cool.

I want to play Vespyrs, beef 'em up and punch things e x t r a hard, in Diamond/Gold! The deck is pretty straightforward, what would you do to optimize it while keeping its approach more or less intact? Polarity is tech for Obelysks and some high-Health minions btw.



I guess, we have no Vanar pros left, except for, maybe, @deathsadvocate

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Some quick critiques on your list. I am not a fan of Jammer outside of aggro lists, particularly when you have such cool card advantage options for vespyrs like chaser, cryogen, and endless hunt.

I do not think Myriad is much good at all, but other then that you are certainly building in the right direction.

I have a few solid Kara Vespyr lists for you to use or take inspiration from:

Of course my most successful Vespyr list puts the focus more on walls then Vespyrs, but it still counts:



Those are some spicy tips, thank you so much!

I think I wanna put flavor over efficiency this time around, so I think I’m going to be conservative with my changes. I really wasn’t sure on Endless Hunt, do you actually endorse it (for my purposes)? I’m fine with nixing Myriad, I think I have a third Dryad anyway. I’ll probably need another 3-drop though :thinking:.



Oh? Doesn’t snowshot still go on the forums?



actually was about to provide my take - i’m far from being a pro btw, just a slight madman.

regarding to vespyr my takes are usually far from the standard vespyr deck. hold on .

this is my take for several reasons (twice lost against this deck by lower elo players).
when you play vespyrs you need a rough gameplan, meaning either you hybrid vespyr with walls, building a chaser factory or playing good old vespyr which is good old midrange control with several buffing mechanisms and lots of triggers to snowman.

if you never played vespyr - start from my deck then go on to more complex decks, vespyr are hard decks to master by themselves.

p.s - 2 snowman are not much feel free to drop either might or animus for the other and another snowman


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