Kaelos Hammon midrange no ROTB


Light blender is a flexible slot but I found them to be very usefull oh you can even dispel hammon. Chakri avatar is also a flexible slot it is mostly use to bait dispel but it can be a game ending combo with innerfocus. This deck is really expensive but its fun to play to have to say.Have a happy new year guys. Iets talk about how we can improve this deck further guys.


Questions :

  • No Juxta, don’t have trouble positioning your backstab units with just MDS/BBS ?
  • Actually, just 6 backstab minions among 30ish, is it really a “backstab deck” ?
  • No RotB cards at all, not even a TwFox or ObscBlow but your video is named “Backstab songhai Kaelos rise of the blood born” … what blood born ? :slight_smile:

Side-note : Kaleos adept here too, currently running a backstab deck too : http://bagoum.com/db/12D


If you cast Obscuring Blow does the effect remain there until it is dispelled, or does it go away at the end of the turn?


It stays on unless dispelled.


And if you cast it on your General, it’s cumulative with MoS :wink:

Btw, to get back on topic, currently testing

Bloodletter+MDS is an old memey combo, so, with Lightbender+Hamon, it’s in the same spirit than OP deck :slight_smile:

The purpose is to delay and survive as long as possible until you pull :

  • Hamon + MDS (or Juxta)
  • Bloodletter + MDS (or Juxta)

BBS of course helps, don’t hesitate to cast them in the back. Add a KEge on top for extra frosting :wink:
Bloodletter+MDS+KE is 18 damages for 4 mana if you can make it stick (with a little luck, plenty removals would have been already used on your Katara, Foxes and Hamon).


wtf its even better than mask of shadow then


Thats pretty dope. I wish I didn’t disenchant all of my Songhai cards now, I think Kaleos would be hipster enough for me to thoroughly enjoy playing


yeah in earlier version I use to have juxta but I ended up running out of cards so quick, I replace it with some other minions I dont know what to replace it with at all

well I think having too much backstab card is really unbalance, I want to have a well rounded deck that does well from early to end game

TWfox yeah that card its so hard get it to work

The rise of the blood born is the older patch

then what should I rename my deck?


I think something like “Kaleos midrange Hamon (no RotB)” would be sharper :wink:


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