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Juxtaposition Cost


Hey guys,

Just noticed that for the utility of the card and to say that it plays into a lot of other Spellhai / Backhai mechanics, Juxtaposition should absolutely NOT cost 0 mana.

It’s effectively a free removal / free backstab if you have any sort of minion on the board.

For it’s utility, it should be comparable to other spells like Daemonic Lure or even minions like Repulsor Beast and cost 2 mana.

Any thoughts? Is 1 mana a better cost for it? Am I just being daft? Chip in.


A LOT of people have said MANY times jux and IF should cost 1 mana.

Instead they rockbiter saberspine seal NotLikeThis NotLikeThis


Two Mana would be way too much, but I agree that increasing the cost to 1 would not destroy the card.


May be it will be even better to remove Songhai from the game? Would this make everyone happy?


lol the hate is real


*the sarcasm is real.


Oh, look, it’s that thread again. :yawn:


Maybe if it keeps coming up, its a valid point.


You mean, like Trump with Mexicans, or more like coprophagic flies eating poop ? :wink:


Juxtaposition is quite a situational card. If you are playing against an opponent who knows his game, you’ll never get a chance to use it properly. So the cost is fine.


Please teach me your foolproof way to play around Juxta, sensei.


The strategy is to

Never play a minion.

So they can’t juxta theirs with yours.


But you can use jux to switch positioning between two friendly minions, enemy doesn’t actually need to have any. So that plan doesn’t work really :ghost:


Don’t play.

Bam, solved.


Greetings Professor Hellcat


A strange game.
The only winning move is
not to play.


Just to confirm: are you being serious, or is this satire? I honestly can’t tell. Don’t feel like seriously responding without knowing for sure whether or not I’m wasting my time.


Bring the one man army Songhai and Magmar decks.


Ohh that title. I don’t feel special anymore :<


Sooner or later I aspire to join you with that title.

For now, having contributed to the winning card’s name is enough :v


The reward for playing around Jux is letting an easy Mist Dragon Seal.
Playing around Mist Dragon Seal lets easy Jux.

Good luck playing around both :sweat_smile: