Just wondering, what is the official name for Duelyst player?


Duelytist, Duelyster, Duelystmeister, or just Duelyst maybe?
Somewhat newbie player here, sorry if I miss it before :smiley:


I consider myself a “Duelyst Enthusyast”, but I suppose just being a “Duelyst” or “Duelyst player” is the norm.


I also like “Duelyrs”


I just like “Duelyst”, as in we ARE “Duelysts” who play “Duelyst”. It’s like the age old question about the plural for moose.



Seems good



I think is more fitting



might as well go for broke


How would you even pronounce that? Duel-ist-ist-ist-ers?

Also what’s wrong with: People who play Duelyst? It’s exceedingly accurate! Or Duelyrs if we want to make it fancy, seriously people what’ll happen to the Duelyst anime without a catchy name!


I like Duelyrs best.


Duelynaut? Duelynite? Duelyronians? Duelysterinos? Duet? Duelystwegians? STEVE??

Anything works :stuck_out_tongue:


Female Duelystystysters are called Duelystysisters




Its official

All duelyst players from this point forward shall be known as steve

No exceptions

We need a fixed post for duelyst memes

Marik is going to have a field day. He’ll be top of the leaderboard in no time!


**steve it took me way too long to notice that was a yugioh abridged reference


I call myself a doodleyst




I think we should just comprimise and call ourselves Duelwegian. Or Deuligans. or phonetically: Dooligans. And collectively we are known as Deulegion(yst). You have to pause before saying the (yst) part.


How about Badass?


Dooligans or steve. @Ryvirath
You decide


Wow, surprised that there are still no common word to describe us Duelyst player.
Using ‘Duelyst’ to call us Duelyst player also make sense.

But ‘Steve’? Come on! :smiley: