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Just started playing and


Yeah, should only take an eternity or 2


This could be of use for you: https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/New_Player_Guides


Welcome to duelyst!

My tip is to frequently watch Diamond- and S-Tier replays or Gold replays if you are on a slim budget. This is the best way to get a feeling what cards are playable and how they are played.

Seeing the cards getting played is more than often the fastest way to get it right yourself.

Do you have any background with playing card games? What has brought you to this gem of a game?


ive played some strategy and ccg/tcg’s before

I have a question regarding crafting cards, why cant I disenchant any right now, am i too low level?


They might be basic cards, which are always in your collection when you start the game. The majority of them are good, so you wouldn’t want to disenchant them anyhow


Welcome to duelyst…allow me to explain you the faction basics
Ancient bonds and rise of the bloodborn are miniexpansions…their cards cannot be crafted,1 orb costs 300 gold and only contains 3 different cards,but all 3 cards have 3 copys and are certain to be no duplicates.After spending 3900 gold youre certain to have all cards of the set(or if you pay 20euro)
shimzar and unearthed prophecy cards are craftable and the standart tcg expansions…since coreorbs have the highest dropchance for legendarys their spiritvalue is higher anyawys and thus they should be your focus early on

Regarding factions


corecards(cards that EVERY competetive deck of that faction uses)
-3 makantor warbeast
-3 lavaslasher
-3flash reincarnation

Hes at a decent spot and has a very simple and easy playstyle:raw power without mobility,made to simply smash your opponent.

Hes more aggro and combo reliant (with huge burst)and also very strong.Starhorn has 6 cards that you abseloutely MUST INCLUDE to make him competetive:3 decimus and 3 tectonic spikes.


-3 thunderhorn*
-3 aspect of shimzar*
-3 luminous discharge*
-2-3 ghost seraphim*
-chromatic cold
-mana deathgrip!!!
-frigid corona
*=if youre playing arcanyst vanar(which is not seen often anymore for which reason i still put the *cards under autoinclude) those are not autoinclude and aspect of shimzar can be than be replaced with aspect of the fox

Shes at the top of the meta right now.Great removal,great value generation,great ramp,great disruption…only lacking heal but not that bad unless youre going vs an all in deck(and even than you can tech with concealing shroud)A controlgeneral that can go aggro aswell to some extend

Shes…a tough one.Her decks are very similar to faies for which reason alone shes still good and gravity well and luminious discharge are incredible strong with her BB but most of the time faie is just better with her constant poking


-3rashas curse
-3 blood of air
-3 scions first wish

The maingeneral of vetruvian and pretty strong.Vetruvian has alot different builds and is kinda difficult to categorize…
Obelysk and golem(the golems beeing often paired with flying minions and azure summoning) are the 2 main archetypes…but there can be alot variables.Obelysk is usualy a aggresive deck while golem is more of acontroldeck…just dont take this statement 100% serious.

Just dont bother with her.Her BB is almost completely useless lategame(unless you have falcion) and her artifactreliant playstyle is shut down by so much stuff.Zirix is 95% of the time better


-3 mindkage oni
-3 phonenix fire
-probably alot more but i play too little songhai to know about the other real autoincludes(songhai is the only faction which i have no diamond-worthy deck for)…there are just soooo many decks songhai can go for.The 2nd most versatile faction in my opinion

She usualy keeps her distantce and relies heavyly on spells.

He plays minion focused midrangedecks…thanks to the support he got from UP hes nolonger complete trash and a viable choice


-3 holy immolation*
-3 trinity ooaths*
*=not if youre playing an alabaster titan deck
Lyonar has not so many corecards because its divided into 3 very different archetypes(usual argeondecks(superior tempo and inferior bond),healyonar and titan decks) that cant realy share cards

A aggresive and very minion reliant general that falls off quite hard lategame if he hasnt already established a board.Hes not super strong but does alright (especialy titan decks are quite strong and unique)

A general about efficient trading and very resistant to aggro…she heals up herself and her minions to trigger nice effects…pre UP she was totaly useless and even now shes not very good(but playable)…her aggro variant gets outshined by other aggro decks and her controlvariant gets outshined and totaly outvalued by other controldecks…she only has her resistance to aggro going for her
I wouldnt suggest playing her,shes just a bit better than sajj

-3 sphere of darkness
-3 spectral revenants
Abysian is very difficult to summarize …they have just soooo many viable archetypes.

She used to be control heavy with shadowcreep and oblitarate…now shes mainly an aggro general thanks to phantasm(a borderline op card)
Very far up there in the meta
Her controlvariants through are not that bad and also playable(she can play creep-oblitarate and dying wish-oblitarate(if you dont go for oblitarate on your dying wish deck than theres little reason to pick her over lilith,which can use darkfire sacryfy much better)

Shes also very versatile and all the below listed decks are somewhat competetive.She can go for an aggresive all. in style with deathfire crescendo and soul grimwar and for an controlish-style with
-arcanyst abyssian(personal favourite)
-dying wish

cards that you should always consider:
-healing mystic
-saberspine tiger
-azure herald

Because thats important for you as newbie too here are the overall costs of the factions

Abyssian=most expensive faction.All of her archetypes have legendarys as corecards and they need alot cards from rise of the bloodborn … their arcanyst version also needs AB(death knell)

Vetruvian=quite expensive.They have quite a few decent legendarys and need ancient bonds for Blood of air(the most important vet card)

Songhai=they seem moderate. As i said i dont know that much about songhai…but the decks i face in diamond and above are usualy not that expensive

Vanar=quite cheap in terms of crafftable cards…but they need frigid corona from ROTBB and mana deathgrip+ghost seraphim from AB(more if you want to go for the arcanyst version)If you want to thank me for all those infos…please dont play vanar.They are incredible annoying to deal with.

Magmar=vaath is quite cheap and you only need ancien bonds
Starhorn is a little more expensive but also not too extreme

Lyonar=Tempo argeon is the most beginner friendly archetype…very strong and cheap and only requires the ROFBB cards trinity ooath and often scintilla
The other lyonar archetypes are average-expensive

DeathsAdvocate’s Master Thread: Unearthed Prophecy a decent collection of currently good decks

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19Ej9-xi_0xIXdvnEI4Rt5wwNgm_nC6xdfJYzvxc45vQ/edit#gid=0 also a decent list which has far more content


There is no “level” for disenchant, but some cards are “core”, given as you level a faction and you can’t disenchant them (they are free, offered in 3x samples directly).

Also don’t hesitate to use the search function on the forums, may help you find answers to questions people already asked (F.A.Q. Construction Thread)


ok I may just drop some cash in about 20 usd but not sure what to buy at first

can swarm mechanics be competitive?

and are there tournaments ever?


Sorry, my job is done here, I made a few efforts, now you gonna have to make some too.

Answers are all over here, you just need to start reading :wink:


Yes, swarm mechanics can be effective, Kara can arcanyst swarm or llithe can full off super duper fast swarms.
Yes there are tournaments quite often, they can range from high level to rookie to budget brawls.


Congrats on this! That’s really good work, extra considering you’re new to the game.


Yes. Standard Lilithe, there’s Kara swarm, there’s Vanarcanyst (requires Ancient Bonds expansion cards)

@lel7 This person’s put serious effort into a tournament specifically for newer/non-diamond players. Too bad @galaxydueler booted himself from it hehe :slight_smile:

If you’re looking around $20, I’d say either purchasing the Bloodborn (BB) or Ancient Bond (AB) expansions, as you’ll get the full set. The important thing here is which faction you like playing most, as that’d determine which you should spend money on.

Vetruvian, Vanar go with AB

Abyssian and Lyonar go with BB

Magmar and Songhai are more of a toss up, but lean more toward AB.

The bronze/silver bracket deals are good value as well.

Oh, and learn about what’s worth disenchanting and crafting. I (and we) like to not have players waste precious spirit on cards you may regret crafting. :slight_smile: There is a disenchanting guide by grincherz somewhere. Someone else might have the link.


because I went to diamond and grew as a player


If you beat the boss with the starter decks you may be naturaly skilled within duelyst(or got extremely lucky…who knows)…so you should consider gauntlet.If you win alot there you get good rewards(aim for 7 wins to get a free additional ticket…infinite runs possible with that)
Just be aware that theres no matchmaking within gauntlet.The majority of gauntletplayers is diamond/S level in terms of experience


More like got to diamond so I would stop calling you hardstuck


Dw he still is, the power of a hard-stuck diamond is too hard for him to handle!


Hey, welcome to the Duelyst Forums! Please do not hesitate to ask any questions :grin:.

If your interested in trying out a new deck (for a relatively low investment: all commons and rares: total cost < 2000 spirit), I have a Magmar deck for you! It’s a budget version for a Magmar Quillrage deck, composed of basic, common, and rare cards (all of which are craftable- meaning that they are not from the Ancient Bonds or Rise of the Bloodbound). The strategy is to take advantage of self-harm damage through quillbeast and blistering skorn using Blood Rage to deal massive damage. Alternatively, you have rush minions plus thumping wave (a powerful 4 mana card that gives a minion +5 attack at the expense of becoming a 3/3 battle pet (uncontrollable unit) at the end of your turn) and Mandrake to take advantage of summoning multiple minions. It is also slightly teched against aggro Cass with x2 Lava lance, and both Skorn and Quillbeast are great against wall Vanar.

You can switch some of the choices based on preference (ex: Healing Mystic vs Primus Fist, -2 Lava ance for +1 Terradon +1 Mandrake or +2 Zyx). When looking to upgrade this list, your first priority should be Makantor Warbeasts (absolute staple in Magmar). Next, you should aim to get Lavalasher and Ragebinder in Ancient Bonds, as their golem synergy is particularly strong in Magmar (especially the power of Lavaslasher in the Magmar faction by itself). With those, you should also craft Golem Metallurgist, as the reduced cost to your faction golems can make you do some nasty stuff. Finally, you can craft Kujata (although I find it’s ramp ability less than ideal unless your ramping into T2 Lavaslasher), and if Skorn isn’t cutting it for you I recommend running Thunderhorn, which has many pros in this deck (pseudo AoE, strong 4 drop, synergy with Thumping wave/enemy battlepets). Below is the deck I used to hit S rank in the most recent July season. It could use some tweaking, but I’ve found it overall to be really effective against most decks, particularly against Vanar.


Have fun playing the game, but try not to rage quit too much like I did or this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8SWMAQYQf0


Recently starting as well and I never thought to do this! Lol awesome idea


i realy like the abysian idea with swarm but my cards stink right now, Im going to put in 40 usd tomorrow to buy up some needed cards, also can someone please link me a good competative abhys swarm deck that comes with maybe some info :smiley: