Just hit rank 5; how to improve my deck?


So I’ve never done any research or stuff for deck building, just using my Hearthstone/MtG experience to throw something together that looked good. I climbed to rank 5 with this hodge-podge but I know it could be improved. I’ve got some ideas but I wanted some input from you guys. (also, Magmar 4 lyf)

Vaath the Immortal
2x Flash Reincarnation
3x Gro
3x Young Silithar
3x Natural Selection
1x Kinetic Equilibrium
3x Molokai Huntress
1x Thumping Wave
3x Wings of Paradise
2x Adamantine Claws
2x Chrysalis Burst
3x Earth Sphere
1x Egg Morph
1x Elucidator
3x Primus Shieldmaster
2x Keeper of the Vale
2x Kolossus
3x Plasma Storm
1x Dreadnought

Strategy: This deck is a mixture of control and value to keep the pressure on the opponent using cards that are powerful on their own while maintaining momentum. A small amount of burst is also present to help finish weakened opponents. The deck is very versatile, and can play either aggressively or more control-focused.

—First turns: If starting left side, having Young S. in hand is great, but not necessary. Gro can also work to limit the opponent’s opening options, or you can flash out a Wings of Paradise if you’re feeling raunchy. You should focus on making sure that the board is as empty as possible for your opponent come turn 4; use your first turn drop to trade with the opponent over grabbing the mana crystal if it would gain momentum. Natural selection works great at this time for quashing ranged threats before they can be buffed, or clearing minions up if your opponent had the same control strategy in mind. The dream turn 4 is Chrysalis Burst, but Adamantine Claws is also good for controlling tempo drops or even hitting the general outright if you feel like you can get a quick victory (it racks up a lot of damage). Slapping down a couple 2 drops or even a 3/4 drop is not a bad alternative though, especially if the opponent has a large number of small minions at this time. Right side is an even easier time, padding the first turn much more nicely. I like throwing out 2 2-drops, Huntress, or flashing a Kolossus. My favorite play is flashing a 2-drop on the mana sphere to immediately use Chrysalis Burst.

—Later turns: If you are facing an aggro deck, the above strategy likely has gone awry, so it is time to bust out your strongest weapon: Plasma Storm. This card reverses momentum like none other. The deck’s low drops are focused around this card. Paradise buffs itself when replacing, Gro/Huntress on tempo have already outgrown 3 attack, and Young Silithar has egg to fall back on. You should also be using your general to control as much as possible, making use of your bloodborn spell to keep up with higher health drops. Always try and replace for an Earth Sphere, as these are your saving grace in many games, and make trading with your general much safer. Keeper of the Vale gains incredible value the more times you flash out high-cost minions, which makes it great value in those circumstances but is safe to replace otherwise. If the opponent does not Immediately remove or dispel Kolossus, it provides an immense amount of pressure, and forcing the opponent to remove it maintains momentum in your favor. Immediately resummoning it with Keeper of the Vale is hilarious.

—Wincon/Finishers: The main wincon is keeping up pressure with high-damage cards like Adamantine Claws, Wings of Paradise, or multiple hits from your low drops. Your Shieldmaster and low drops should be used to prevent your opponent from escaping, as you should be swarming them most of the time. These same minions can also be used to keep distance if you are falling behind and are fishing for more control cards or Earth Sphere. Elucidator, Thumping Wave, and Adamantine Claws all provide good burst to close out a game; Paradise can be played the turn before from a safe distance away in order to increase your burst as well.

Current Thoughts for Replacing:
Right now, I’m thinking about switching out the following
Gro >>> Rancour
Molokai Huntress >>> Thraex
Dreadnought >>> Makantor Warbeast

Although Gro is good, being able to control my minions is much preferred. Having it be tricked by the opponent into unfavorable trades sucks. Rancour is a very strong new card that was added, and can quickly boost itself above Plasma Storm range, making it a good replacement. Huntress was mainly used to make Gro even stronger, but is too easily removed on the first turn that it is out. Thraex is a little sturdier on that first turn and can also boost Shieldmaster/Keeper of the Vale above 3 attack to save them from Plasma Storm. Being able to flash it is an additional bonus. Although I love Dreadnought, it was often a dead card in the deck, being too slow to provide much use. Warbeast provides more control and can also serve as a finisher option, although other cards are usually better due to their cost (Elucidator+Thumping wave combo is only 7 mana and very deadly).

Those are my thoughts thus far. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions? Thank you for reading, I know it’s a lot!


Makantor Warbeast is first and foremost. Automatic 3 of in every single Magmar deck, period.

Another staple must have 3 of is Mandrake. Start there.

Second, you need more consistency in general. More 3 ofs and less 1 ofs. Egg Morph and T Wave are both spells you absolutely want all three copies of.

I’d highly recommend going to the decklists section of these forums and checking out what S Rank Magmar decks look like. You did well getting to Diamond on your own, and congratulations, but you’ll definitely need a better, more tuned deck to progress further.


Very short answer - I don’t have the time atm:
Don’t try to focus on Grow-keyword. It’s too slow. This Meta is hyper-fast so cards like Kolossus (wasn’t very well playable even in slower Metas) or Molokai can be cut.
3 Earth Sphere are too slow too because you lose board when using it. (In slower Metas 2 was fine. But now you just don’t have the time to play them.)
Keeper is fine when the deck is build around it. But in this case you normally don’t want to have 2-drops in your deck.
If you have: put 2 (better 3) Thumping in your deck.
While I want to be Kinetic good it isn’t played. Maybe someone can try to make it work.
Dreadnought is crap because Eggmar is no thing because of the lack of viable Egg-Minions besides of Young Silithar.
3 Plasma is too much. When played: 2 are fine.
Wings can bo good in an Aggro-Meta - so you can maybe play them.
Gro is a good card while it may be too slow atm. Maybe playable - try it.
If you have Bloodborn-Cards then Drogon is the choice for Vaath atm.
Rancour is a very good 2-drop!
And put in 3 Entropic Gaze before the card gets nerfed!

Most important:
3 Makantor. Always! Forever!

Sorry for being short.


Agree with most of what you said, except for this one. From my experience, you should either play 3 Storms or 0. Because when do you want to play Storm? When your opponent is flooding the board/rushing you down before you can stabilize. I’d say that 9 out of 10 times this is in the early stages of the game where you haven’t yet gotten the chance to reliably draw into your 2-ofs. Or in short: in the match-ups where I want to play Plasma Storms, I want to play them as soon as possible. That means they need to be in the first 6-8 cards of my deck. Which means I want as many of them as possible. Obelysk Vetruvian/Swarm decks being the only exception but against those I don’t mind playing multiple Storms either.

Other than that: good job and congrats on reaching Diamond, OP :slight_smile:


True about the plasma storms play 3 or none. It’s most efficient early on. Congrats on diamond, magmar is the best deck to get there.


Thank you for the reply! I’m still pretty new, so I don’t have a lot of cards at my disposal. Although I don’t have any warbeasts or more T.wave/Egg Morph, I’ll definitely be adding them as I can. Although Mandrake looks nice, I feel like there isn’t too much room in this specific deck. It’s a great card but it would hinder this deck’s flexibility to go aggro unless the opponent is also aggro. I’ll definitely play around with it though to see how it feels (once I actually get any lol)

I do like grow but I definitely feel you that it is a bit underwhelming, hence most of my replacement suggestions being geared at removing it. Grow is great at lower ranks but it’s been increasingly poor. I had less Earth Spheres before, but I never got them when I needed them. I really need them to have the general be aggressive right out of the gate; they’re usually replaced during the early-mid game anyways. I’ll play around with 2 though, in addition to other changes.

@nickDigger/fispan: Plasma Storm is luv.

Thanks to everyone for the congrats! I’m not trying to hard to get S rank or anything but winning is fun lol.


I would remove Crystalis Burst from the list. Most popular decks can get rid of your most important eggs pretty easy with cards like Bloodtear Alchemist and Saberspine Tiger, and if a low attack minion spawns far away you might have to kill it with your own Plasma Storm. Sunsteel Defender is a good alternative: with 4 attack it’s out of Plasma Storm range, and it doesn’t take damage from Flash because it has forcefield. A t1 Flash + Sunsteel can sometimes win you the game.


No deck is perfect evreyone has his own comfort deck with more copies of a card or so but mostly rank 5/0 is the technique and decisions you do in game


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