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So cpg has finally done what i wanted since closed beta put that tiger to 4 mana. and they have nerfed cards well. although aspect of shimzar is a farcry. I only ask for one wish. Extend maximum deck size to 50 please and thanks. Its maximum meaning those who wanna still use a 40 card deck can still do so. Ive received alot of hate when i had asked this before so lets do a poll.

Would u like to see “maximum” deck size increased to 50?

  • Yes it would be an awesome decision for deck building diversity
  • No you are a noob kevin2hard leave cpg alone the game is fine at 40

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In Magic: the Gathering, you can make your deck as big as you want, but no smaller than sixty cards. Everyone makes a sixty-card deck, in other words everyone builds the smallest deck possible. Adding extra cards to your deck reduces the odds of drawing your best cards, so no one does it. So having the option would be pointless, because no top-tier deck would use more than thirty-nine cards.

The reason Scion’s first wish and sphere of darkness are three-ofs in all Vetruvian and Abyssian decks is because they give a solid effect while drawing another card for one mana, so they almost let you shrink your deck, increasing your odds of getting your best cards, while rounding out turns that have a mana left over and giving a small (sometimes not-so-small) positive effect. They’re actually a lot like bloodbound spells in those last two regards, but bloodbound spells don’t also get you closer to your best cards.

I’m voting no in the poll just because I can see starry-eyed newbies shoving as many cards as possible into all of their decks, unknowingly hurting their own chances of winning.

PS: Although it might be interesting for them to change the mandatory deck size from thirty-nine to forty-five or forty-eight for a single patch, just to see if there are any notable changes to the meta or people’s deckbuilding. Not that they’ll ever do that, just a thought.

And now I’m wondering if one of the alternative game modes they’re making has a bigger deck size or only lets you use one or two copies of each card.


I’d rather just see deck sizes increased period. 40 card decks are probably too condensed for the replace system… However, adding an option that nobody uses because it makes their decks less consistent is silly. 45 and 61 are the best number choices, but such a drastic choice is on the development team to figure out. The game finally has enough pieces to push 45/61 card decks, but the Devs have to know that it would enrich the environment to implement such a thing.


becuz cards like this exist i see no reason why having a 50 card deck is viable… you use mtg… i use yugioh… 40 to 60 card deck and i love using 60 card decks to rek those top tier 40 card decks because it is fun and more challenging for me plus this game has replace mechanic that defies all odds compared to other card games where its a one trick pony


I’m afraid a fifty-card deck wouldn’t be viable under any circumstances, even without Shub-Niggurath there. Yes, I call that thing Shub-Niggurath, because the name of an Old God is easier to pronounce than that mess. SHOOB NEE-goo-rohth, at least that’s how I say it, much simpler than Chorizo Quesadilla or however you pronounce that mess.

…Probably KWORL-muh, but I’m still calling it Shub-Niggurath. Ia, the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young, et cetera.


If you run 2-ofs in all your decks instead of 3-ofs, it magically becomes a near 60 card deck in equivalence.


smh ppl just dont understand just becuz i said 50 doesnt mean i expect you must run 50… look at yugioh 40 to 60… if i wana build a 45 card deck lemme build one geeez


I don’t think this change is really needed. If I had to express a wish, it would be to slightly extend the set of core cards. Objectively, creep support in the core set is subpar and stuff like Obliterate should definitely enter the core set. This is one example, but there may be others.

In brief: everything which defines faction identities like creeps should be well represented in the core set.


This is silly. 45 and 61 are ideal numbers because the General card takes up a card slot in Duelyst.

45 card Duelyst means your actual deck is 44 individual cards (14 playsets and a 2-of.) The effect of the change would be to move in favor of strong individual cards, and weakening combos. The change would just be slight, and primarily force combo decks to further rely on condensing cards, often setting them back 1 turn.

61 card Duelyst, on the otherhand slows the entire game down by an entire turn, and makes combo decks quite a bit more challenging to build. The wombo combos still exist, but with decks being made of 20 playsets, the player must then account for the likelihood of getting to play every turn. This, in turn makes 2-drop minions significantly worse outside of decks which don’t want to run more than the current standard (7.) Adding definition to archetypes by the slots they occupy with their smallest minions (further emphasizing aggressive use of the mana springs.) The consequences here mostly come from the skill ceiling being raised quite significantly due to the sheer difference between decks running few/zero 2 drops, and decks flush with them.


But what about my point about newbies building big decks and not understanding why they keep losing?


Honestly, sixty-cards-plus-a-general Duelyst sounds interesting. And if I’m not wrong on my math eleven two-drops would be enough to give statistically favorable odds for a turn-one-play, leaving forty-nine slots to fill. Lots of cards that aren’t quite playable now would become commonplace.


Having decks with over 40 cards would hurt the new player experience. Instead of carefully evaluating their collection and learning the ins and outs of deck building, this system would promote players to just shove as many cards as they can into their deck.

The solution, I think, would be to make unlimited deck sizes unlockable. Having over 40 cards makes decks worse, so it won’t give older players an advantage, and making it unlockable at, say, level 30, gives new players good opportunity to learn about deckbuilding and consistency.


at that point just make it a super sized mode
with 40 health generals
larger board
bigger decks
maybe this is what could happen for 2v2
each player brings half the deck and they are shuffled together


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