Just another Lyonar deck


In this deck, I intended to showcase the strength of bonereaper. Though this was meant to be just a fun deck, it did end up getting me to diamond for the first time. You may notice this deck runs quite a few 1 ofs and 2 ofs. This is of course, because I did not craft any cards (they were all drops).
I won 9 out of the 11 games I played at ranks 6-8, with the 2 losses being to cass and vaath.

Card choices
Arclyte sentinel - 2/4 body which is good for buffs, as well as a versatile ability which can help lethal or kill a minion with 2 or less health left.

Blades, Paragon and bonereaper - The holy trinity of board control, with blades and reaper having decent bodies too.

Ironcliffe - great provoke minion, but I tended to use blades more often to help win the board.

Elyx - don’t think I even used this minion, and if I did it wasn’t for her ability. Could be replaced by any big provoke minion.

Sky burial - found very little use for this, as most just played around it. Definitely needs to be replaced.

Decimate - essentially just a bit of insurance, but could get replaced too.

Possible additions
More sun blooms - would help immensely with vaath, who beat up on my minions quite easily, and could be used to control creep.

Sunsteel defender - this deck lacks 4 drops, and sunsteel pressures removal or 2 hits to kill.

A good heal - been avoiding sundrop due to it having no body, and emerald as it heals the enemy.

Additionally, this deck could easily be adjusted to become a whole lot cheaper, as the legendaries can all be easily replaced by cards mentioned above.


Onl 2 immo ??? oO wtf !!!


I’m guessing he only had two, he said he didn’t craft anything.


Wouldn’t suggest Bad Habit Reaper. Especially since you’re avoiding DB. Elyx and Pony are great compliments to Ironcliffe and Blades. This list definitely wants Trinity Oath when you can get Bloodborn. Honestly, Sunsteel Defender is something of a noob trap. It slays in Silver, but that’s mostly because positioning around key minions like Sunsteel takes a while to learn. Decimate is nice tech,


I usually only run 2x Holy Immolation but my lists usually have a stronger late curve. If you don’t have Slos or Bloodtears and a bunch of 2 drops it is often hard to play the card. His list is without the mentioned cards so honestly not having a 3rd is probably the right choice.


I think a good replace for Sky Burial if you wanted to stick with the theme of having very strong removal would be Circle of Life. It is expensive, but it can literally be a lifesaver, and also conveniently deals with Keilano.


The 2 main reasons I’ve been running bonereaper are because I’ve been seeing many swarm decks and because no one seems to play zenrui. I do agree that trinity oath would be a good pick, but I’ve been bad about saving gold.


Kelaino did end up being a pain, and circle does seem better than the lame healing minions I’d need to run otherwise.


Yeah, the card is better than most people give it credit for. Deals well with pretty much any midgame minions, and even Lategame minions you can trade into with your general then heal back up.

Heals you back up and finishes of Spectral Revenant, Dealt very well with Kron back in the day, Removes Aymara and heals you, etc… I usually run 1 or 2 copies depending on how control oriented I want to make the deck.


Tempest and Immolation already cover that gloriously. Not to mention the the effects of Sentinel and Regalia. While it’s true that Zen’Rui isn’t popular- the reaper just eats up too much of a turn for what it does here- since Lyonar gives you massively better options both in and out of the Legendary slot. If you really need to overload on anti-swarm tech further, Blistering Skorn with serve you well- and be a nice beefcake to boot. The biggest appeal I’ve seen to play Bonereaper has been in Vanar and Vetruvian lists, where the effect is pushed into overdrive by the layering support given- but in Lyonar, you already have Tempest, Ironcliffe Guardian, Silverguard Knight, Holy Immolation, Sunriser, Sunbreaker, so on, and so forth. All are less mana intensive, less commital etc.


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