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Just a record of unbelievable feats


the best feat i want to do is to steal a strategos using abyssian and completing the trial and having lots of gates


man at this point it’s the trademark abyssian but not abyssian meme already


I want to try stealing Gates with Paradigm.


but gates is immune to any effect even the promote of strategos


Well, that fucking sucks.


This doesn’t :slight_smile:


Turn 2 win using Vetruvian Bird Swarm deck. It got nerfed unfortunately… :frowning:




Just steal it the turn before it builds (I wish it would summon the Vetruvian form of devils i.e: Aymaras, Grandmasters, and Khas)


Not quite the same but is stealing from a Strategos. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m also pretty sure I’m dead on board in this picture but benefit of a messy board is that it can be hard to find in 90 seconds when under pressure. :wink:


Nah wait provoke on the Elyx stops them from having the stats to kill the Z’ir and I also get a SIlverguard from bbs, god is this a messy situation.


i confused divine bond for martyrdom and put it on his primus shieldmaster. I forget how but i won.


Darn, talk about forgotten classics :stuck_out_tongue:


absolutely mad lad hours


I play Duelyst and don’t get mad.


Serpenti OTK

I guess I can also say I’ve beat Wanderer Rag multiple times playing Steal Abyss? Its hilarious to find players that don’t know how to play around Makantor Warbeasts.

gitgud wanderer newbs


I beat Mj0lnir in Gauntlet once.
(How did that situation in RHacker’s screenshot develop?)


At least 1 arbitrage has been used in this scenario… I approve :+1:


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