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Just a record of unbelievable feats


Here’s where you can tell the tallest tales of your adventures with the world of Duelyst without needing proof. Yes, that means everything here is subject to speculation. I made this thread just so that I can brag about how I got a 5 win streak as makeshift WandaRag with nothing strong except Flash and Makantor Jesus just because every single round of them I either had or mulligan-d into Flash Reincarnation in my starting hand. Yes, 5 games in a row.


Oh, also Bloodsworn Gambler OTK from 25 Health


I once used Kaido Expert to get 3 Assassins and 3 Bandits out on the board at the same time.


I once had a Lilithe Gauntlet draft with four Shadowdancers, four 9Moons and a Variax :stuck_out_tongue:


Lately the most notable thing it happened to me is skipping a lot of p1t1 with 12 2 mana drops against all the odds. I swear that deck is cursed.


I once played two Gauntlet games against the legendary streamer Hsuku in the same day, while watching his stream and looking at his hand.

Not to mention that I lost both because of that ostentatious fool Orbo :sob:


In last year’s Team Wars season I was the last man standing against Black Boxers. Dragall, NowayitsJ & co only needed to defeat me to win the series against my team and they still had 3 decks vs. mine.

I was playing on my own, no team mates there to give bad and good advice or to make me rope :stuck_out_tongue:

In the end my Midrange Vaath list defeated NowayitsJ’s Starhorn Swarm deck (and 1 draw), Dragall’s Midrange Reva and Dragall with a Hyper Swarm Abyssian list and won the series for our team. That was nerve racking fun :smiley:


My general was hit 11 times in a row by Bloodsworn Gambler. The glorious RNG streak was interrupted by my death, unfortunately.


My personal favorite of my own is playing a zero mana Spiral Technique to finish off Vaath… and I was playing Cassyva.

General accomplishments include wiping an entire team single-handedly in Team Wars and hitting S in about 60 wins.

Oh, and getting to the finals of a tournament almost three years ago using two decks I put together drunk at a party the night before (one of them was a Divine Bond Lyonar deck… but I forgot to add Divine Bond).



How is that even possible?

Btw my biggest accomplishment is reaching S in 58 wins without using t1 decks. Oh and im also a master of getting the worst spot out of gloomchaser every time. That purple Snake hate me…


Perphaps the opponent used spiral and he used loremaster,grimes and darkfire on the grimes to than get 2 ghost seraphim from grimes :thinking:


The screenshots are in another thread if you’re curious enough to find them…

Perhaps my opponent Vaath used spiral? Unlikely… you’re on the right track otherwise though :wink:


Calligrapher and pre-nerf Ghost seraphim off of blue conjurer? Or maybe grimes?


I got a general’s attack so high, it didn’t display a number. Only the word “infinite”


Off Grimes :slight_smile: Calligrapher got resurrected as well


Probably out-valuing a double Kraigon Apex with Mechs or killing a Worldcore with damage in Gauntlet.


I tried :frowning:




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