Just a Little Chink in One's Armor


Just an usual day, I’m trying to get my daily quest gold by running Abyssian (starter) deck.
I’m about to get crushed (yeah, surprise2, starter deck here) when I pull that one card and defeat that monstrosity of a general (98+ Attack!)

This is why I mostly never concede. Not to prolong the boring battle, but I want to believe that there’s a glimmer of hope in my next card draw/replace to turn the tide of battle :slight_smile:

Can you guess that one decisive card that I use before reaching this state? :smiley:


Daemonic lure feelsamazingman

[details=never give up]I was trying out a crappy ranged lyonar deck against this mech starhorn deck and i was in the single digits for most of the game.
he managed to heal all the way back to full while i was letting myself mill with trinity oath just to stay alive. On 3 health backed into a corner with an Arclyte regalia and 2 cards left in my deck he concedes. [/details]


I totally get that man. Some player maybe call it stubborn/dragging out, but I always appreciate player who doesn’t auto concede and fight to their last (general) breath, even if their general suiciding by attacking my Nosh-Rak :wink:
Btw, indeed it’s Daemonic Lure :smiley:


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