Just a "God Hand" play?


Daily Bread

Even with a God Hand play with Magmar (i can speak about my main faction, dont know (i dont think so) other factions (thats a lot of parenthesis)), i can’t pull out of the blue 9 damage to face leaving a great body that needs to be answered with a removal or dispel.

Maybe the God Hand play for Songhai (this particular deck) produces an instant kill, while other factions and decks just produce a better chance to win.

Or maybe its not even a “God Hand” play, just our daily bread. :robot:


That is a lot of damage coming in on turn 4, but… what are you looking for here? I don’t think you can call this a “god hand” when they played it after drawing and replacing 2x each. Any dispel would have wrecked them. Flash + Sunsteel would have wrecked them. Sometimes you draw poorly and sometimes your opponent doesnt.

And Magmar can push out a Mankator that absolutely needs to be answered (so does their 2 drop - Gro), not to mention close games/make people rage quit with Mankator + Thumping. I actually really like playing Vaath right now - healing for 8 and making myself hit for 6 a turn feels good!


Well a god hand is more luck than strategy so that’s the point. A God hand with other factions doesn’t give this much damage and body

Nerf threads here could really use a nerf

The burst each turn is real with Songhai. My todays Gauntlet suffered a 3-turn loss against one of this guy.
He played Gore horn, inner focus, destroyed my first drop, summon katara.
I destroyed Gore and took a tile.
He destroyed me with 11 damage this turn I was already at 10LP on turn two.
I died next turn.


So I’ve been seeing this comment a lot, both here and on the holy Immolation thread. People do understand that you need 6 full mana for a makantor right? It’s not like it can just magically appear at any mana value. It’s actually pretty expensive. The earliest you can get it is at 4 mana, with flash reincarnation. (and for this play that wouldn’t be enough to defeat the chakri or do sufficient damage to the enemy general). Let alone Makantor with Thumping, 9 mana or 7 mana and 3 cards at the lowest. This was 5 mana.

Why do people seem to think Makantor is some kind of magical fairy that appears out of thin air to whisk Vaath off to the ball? Yes it’s strong but It’s fairly highly priced for what it does and will only trample the pumpkin carriage if you only rely on it.


The term “god hand” makes me think the opponent started with it, making it nearly impossible for you to reasonably answer it. In this game, they made the play on turn 3 and if you had a better minion or hand, you should have been able to respond.


First, you’re taking my comment out of context. I wasn’t implying that Magmar does the SAME thing as Songhai (that would be pointless), just that they also have powerful cards/combos. I actually specifically stated “close games”, not as a way to defeat this player, this game.

Second, none of these things are “free”. Even the Songhai player dumped a lot of resources in this play. Granted Songhai has great ways to restore their hand does not mean there isn’t an initial cost to make such “splashy” plays. Again, with a better board or a better hand I would not consider this a “god hand” which was the initial claim of this game.


God hand implies luck and strategy, since the shuffle dynamic ask for both of these concepts. The point is that a magmar god hand cannot achieve that sum of damage at that turn, leaving a great body on board.


I was making The comment not necesarrily at you but More in General. Your post merely sparked Mine.

My point, and annoyance, was that a lot of People were comparing very Strong cards and combos to makantor Without considering The cost difference. For example, holy immolation to makantor. This completely ignores that makantor costs a full 2 mana More.

You were doing The same, comparing a very early Game combo here to a full 9 mana combo, which is patently ridiculous considering how much even one mana can change The value of a Card. (See The falcius thread for An example of this, where someone is arguing that falcius is a mystic, Primus or maw combined and that’s Fair because it costs 3 mana)

I’m Just very tired of seeing People say makantor is some sort of free universal panacea for The board that can come out early Game.