July 2017 Gold Tipper Final Rankings – Duelyst


Duelyst Top 50 Gold Tippers for July!

In the karmic spirit of giving, the Top 5 Gold Tippers each month will receive in-game rewards.

These players will be awarded two Sarlac Prime skin codes and their choice of a non-bundle cosmetic item from the Armory.

Players can only receive these rewards once per account, so we’ll go down the list if a player has already received their prize!

Congrats to this month’s winners: jogdahai, bosszx009, lovecraftianbeing, iplayonlyabyssian and demmiremmi

Note: Please email thanatos@counterplay.co with your IGN

Join us in recognizing ALL the generous spirits here!


Oh no, @ThanatosNoa, it’s the double post again.


Ayy Emil man boi


Look Ma! I’m number 30!!

I’m so sharing this with my mother on FB :smiley:


Make sure she puts that on the fridge!


I wish…
She’s all ‘Where’d you get all that gold??’ :joy:


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