Joke's on Us - Card Crafting Mistakes


Was looking through my collection and I laughed because I remembered specifically crafting Shadow Waltz, being all hyped up and looking to make it work.

It didn’t.

But now it’s something for me to look back and laugh at messing up (thankfully a cheap mistake). Figured everyone has had this experience crafting a card with some plan only to see it fail face first. Anyone else care to share theirs? :slight_smile:

DE and/for neutral crafting (newbie help)

When I crafted a second Lady Locke instead of a first Spectral Revenant… I thought I could build a deck around the card. Turns out it’s more of a flavor thing. I regret it less looking back, it’s a super fun card.


Black locust. When I started I thought it would be great for getting bodies on the board so I could swarm and deathwatch. 50 chromatic colds and 30 tempests later I decided to stop playing it.


I really want to try it in Swarm Abyssian with Furiosa and maybe Variax. Would be annoying as hell I think.


6/6 wraithling with provoke…

Argeon would be proud


Magma would be especially pissed about it I think. No easy face damage with Rush minions anymore.


The spam “create” during craft on my spectral revenant make me create 2 off I didn’t need and I insta disenchant that was unfortunate.


I crafted 3 Wraithling Fury’s in my early days, thought it would be a great card for combos. Didn’t turn out quite as planned because dispel exists :smiley: I did manage to get a few cases of two 10/10’s in a game though, once even 18/18.


I once crafted Obelysks when I thought Vetruvian was viable.


To be fair, vet has been viable before… before it was nerfed to dust and it’s viability vanished like a wind dervish


Crafting 3 Mana Vortexes the day before they were nerfed. I did manage to DE them, but I didn’t know that for the first 15 minutes.


Me crafting all the rares missing for three sisters I didn’t need, because I thought I can DE them for more spirit. :grin:


Having a blast reading all these :joy:


Crafting mask of shadows for a twilight fox deck. Turns out an RNG blood surge effect and a highly situational card are difficult to use effectively. :joy:


I crafted three Time Maelstroms, believing that artifact Vetruvian would be the hip, new OTK deck. Boy was I wrong… I’m still saving them…


Hooooo my god… Yo I made an astral crusader in order to make a vanar replace deck, and that thing kind of failed…


I have x3 of almost every Vet card in the game except x1 Oserix and x2 CoD. Talk about mistakes…


Probably Reaper of the 9 Moons. I once was noob, and by many accounts still am, and thought Reaper would be great for a deathwatch deck as I could steal my opponents God Cards and send them to the Shadow Realm or something. Needless to say, many games trying to find a chance to use my great and wonderful new toy ended with failure, thus he was promptly replaced. Still have it though, perhaps one day…


When Kron got nerfed I spent the spirit on 2 Rawr, thinking he would be a solid 5 drop replacement in my kujata Vaath deck. Only after the first game did I realize that he is himself a battle pet! Still worked out ok, but not as strong as I’d hoped.


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