Jojo and the astral crusaders


this is a lyonar decklist idea that I have never seen I’m not really sure about making it a lyonar deck because it revolves around almost all neutral minions I just used lyonar to keep minions healthy with ziran’s bb spell. The idea is using astral crusader and getting him massive with aethermaster and also using aether masters double replace for kroon and white widow. I have now made a second reiteration of this deck using aergon instead

ok so i have quickly cooked up songhia verison of this deck abusing mirror meld to get crazy value at of aether master and other replace minions, its defiently in a prototype and could use sme advice on it


I’ve played replace meme decks before, but never thought of trying it with Healyonar…
Since I really like the archetype, I’ll give it a shot!


@RyanH I believe made an Astral deck recently. It looks like you have pretty much everything you would need, and I really like the idea of putting it in Healyonar. Perhaps cutting some 2x to make the deck (if possible) all 3x, to maximize your chances of drawing our lord Crusader?

Perhaps a low curve and more draw like Sun Wisps would be good too to lower the amount of cards in your deck and draw more Crusaders. No clue though, not sure if these changes would be worth it or help, just some ideas.

@phayze Let us know how your Crusade fares!


You should consider trying out Wings of Paradise. If you have an Aetherman on board it becomes a 7/3 with flying which can lead to some pretty nasty burst. I guess if you had all 3 Aethermans on board it would be a 11/3 haha.

Also sorry to kick Zirian down, but I am like 99% sure that Argeon would be a better fit. Buffing Kron’s prisoners is extremely strong(particularly rush, ranged and forcefield) and it usually better for trading



Thanks for the shoutout.


The list looks fine once you replace the Astral Crusaders with Diamond Golems or Silverbeaks.


I didnt even think about that and that’s a definitely gonna be put in the deck now I don’t know what to take out


Lol nice theme for a deck… Argeon could be old. Man Joe star lol


Argeon is that you?


This thread what have you done I can’t unsee this now.


:joy: nice argeon definitely is


Wings of paradise to all in the gimmick also it should be songhai to mirror meld aethermasters. Go all in!


You have Star Platinum in Scintilla and Astral Crusader for additional memes. Pretty nice. Shame you can’t have Rancour as Killer Queen join the party for maximum JoJo cosplay.


it is a shame, quite


Imma gonna build a deck around that so prepar for some memes


How am I supposed to build an all JoJo deck when all of the JoJos are spread across multiple factions?

  • Lyonar has Scintilla = Star Platimun
  • Songhai has Hamon blade master
  • Vetruvian has Stone Masks and Pillar Men
  • Magmar has Rancour = Killer Queen
  • Abyssian has the weird Palet with turquoise lips and Cassyva has a Stand
  • Vanar… is JoJo-less. Maybe they have a reference that I did not catch, though.


Vanar are mainstream plebs - all they have is a Naruto reference with Myriad.


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