Jiyose - UnoPro's Meld Songhai variation


Jiyose - Here is a variation of UnoPro Songhai

You should mulligan for: Tusk Boar > Xho > Lantern Fox > Mana Vortex > Spelljammer

Never keep: Heaven’s Eclipse, Zen’Rui, Kiling Edge, Mirror Meld


  • Chakri Avatar + Kiling Edge/ as many speels as possible + Mirror Meld
  • Tusk Boar + Kiling Edge/Saberspine Seal + Mirror Meld

DeckList: (PS: just add 3 Mirror Melds)

In-game image

Thank You


I’m trying this deck. Period.


If you place down a minion, Inner Focus it, buff it, then Meld it, do the copies have pseudo-rush?


No they should still have summoning sickness


Ah thats lame. Still a pretty cool combo though.


hey mate, nice deck. do i count wrong or are there only 37 cards in this deck?


Just add 3 melds and it will be ok


well, if inner focus gave rush for the turn it would work, but the text says to reactivate it, which only gets rid of summoning sickness


I ran a slightly modded list and so far have 4 wins 2 losses, the losses when I once messed up and the other when I got a bad hand.

Will continue using the deck, seems good so far!