Jax and Onyx Jaguar Songhai deck : efficient and fun


hello guys,

I decided to make differents decks because I do no really like competitive songhai decks now (especially the spelljammer and rushing down the opponent). What I like is controld decks. So I made one deck to control game from turn 1 to the end. So I just wanted to share it^^

Here is the decklist : Decklist

The deck is not easy to play but really fun. I’ll explain some card choice here

  • a lot of ranged minions (jaxi, ki beholder, sworn avenger, arrow whistler, reva BBS)
  • Dispel baits minions (shakri avatar, lantern fox )
  • a surprise ( sword of mechazor + inner focus + killing edge)
  • a lethal combo / control advantage ( Jax and then the following turn, Onyx jaguar and everybody moves :))
  • card draw ( ancestral divination better than heaven’s ecplise because we want minions also not juts spells)
  • a removal ( onyx bear seal instead of deathstrike seal -> more flexible and efficient against annoying minions like aymara for example)

This decks will be dead against Plasma storm, but I did not encounter any until now.
Blistering skorn and gosht lighting are pretty annoying, but not enough to take away your control power.
The combos and synergies of this decks are multiples, so you can always find your way out and destroy the opponent board with proper positioning and use of spells. Be careful not to rope, because it happens a lot with this deck :p.

I am currently at 10 wins 1 loss in Diamond (end of season so not really representing deck’s power) but I am very confident in the deck . My loss was against Vetruvian because I did not have onyx bear seals in the deck at that moment. Since I added them it really improve deck’s efficiency.