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January Top 50 List


Hey everyone got your top 50 list here for January!


Also wanted to let people know that we’ll be starting to put out data for the second Meltdown League over the next couple weeks. I’ll be posting information on it in multiple places but if you want to join make sure that you’ve joined the Meltdown Town Discord!

Discord Invite:


Awesome, thanks for the list, I will link it on Reddit and wiki :slight_smile:


I don’t understand Prostobot’s Reva deck at all. WTF are 3x Second Sword Sarugi doing there?


When I’ve played against it, he usually burns me out with PF. From my small experience against it, he tries to hold onto PF and looks to burn me down. Second Sword is there to discount the PF and the transformed BBS. So at 7 mana he can down Second Sword, play 5 PF from hand and a PF from his BBS. If he gets an eight gates then along side 4 PF, Second Sword and his BBS is also PF, then that’s 25 damage that you can’t really stop.

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