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January Boss Battles


Hey Duelysts! For the month of January 2019, here are the Boss Battles to prepare for:


1/3 – 1/8: MALYK

Cursed with boundless ambition, this master of the dark arts is willing to share its power to see if you can handle what lies in the shadow of your potential.

1/10 – 1/15: ARCHONIS

A being composed of pure energy, his original visage is no longer recognizable. They once craved the power to defeat the darkness and thus became the light.

1/17– 1/22: PARAGON OF LIGHT

To stand before the Paragon is to face absolute retribution. The closer it comes to defeat, the more terrifying its power becomes. Light shall sear across the land the abolish all darkness before it.

1/24 – 1/29: SCION OF THE VOID

Where there is light there must be shadow, and, in that void, he draws strength. Capable of ripping the very essence from his foes, his spite unleashes a terrible price upon those foolish enough to face him.


Before his descent into madness, Kron was once the most revered templar within The Crimson Flames. Not content on simply eliminating heretics, Kron had an unusual talent for subjugating his enemies and breaking their wills until they were under his complete control.


Duelyst Boss Battles are weekly in-game events where players can fight bosses for rewards. The events start each Thursday at 2:00 PM PST and last until the following Sunday at 2:00 PM PST. Each boss varies in difficulty but in general, players can expect to win against them using basic and common cards, along with skill and luck. Since these are PvE battles, there is no time limit to fight against them. Each win against a boss yields a free Boss Crate and a Core Orb.

Jump into Duelyst and experience the fun! Duelyst is free-to-play and Boss Battles are a great way to get free rewards just for playing the game. We hope you’ll join us!

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Malyk? More like,Lykma.

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