I've Made the Mistakes So You Don't Have To


There will always be somebody worse at this game than you. That person would be me.

I’ve started posting my videos of fail for you to enjoy. The videos go point out the errors made over the course of a few games. Hopefully, you’ll be cognizant of the mistakes I made and you’ll be able to avoid them. It should be a good learning experience and perhaps a bump up in your attitude as you watch pratfall after pratfall.

If you have some insights, feel free to add them to the comments. I’ll go back and add the good comments as annotations in the video.


Hopefully with all the advice your play will become better and you’ll make less mistakes, though…

Game 1:
I think for your opening mulligan, you could’ve kept shieldmaster, as an excellent t2 play

I do t see why you hit maw into the enemy general- better to get him to do it, or maybe deal the 2 damage to a minion

Don’t know why you hit your dispelled silverguard into face, the damage wasn’t worth it I think

You could hit your stuff into the obelysk for free (instead of the enemy general, who fights back) which would prevent you from getting boxed in. Also because you have war surge, you don’t want your stuff to die off like that. I think you stubbornly held on to divine bond for too long, and maybe your deck could use some draw in it.


Game 2:

Again, consider t2 shieldmaster - so why replace it?

T2: consider replacing when you have cards you don’t need, like second maw.
Also, you may want to consider playing soujourner on a diagonal the enemy general, to pressure their potential heart seeker plays in the future, but placing it in the center isn’t necessarily bad

When you used roar on the healing mystic, I think you could e considered using road on you minijax (after moving it next to your general), as the attack on a ranged minion is more valuable

Analysis of correct martyrdom play is correct

You wasted a sun bloom for literally no reason, I’m afraid backstab means nothing when you immediately kill the minions anyways

I think correct play there was tiger into gore horn, general to the left 2 spaces, roar mini jax, use mini jax on kaito assassin. Also replace sun bloom or shroud, keep only one.

The very end seemed like a misplay, but at that point it’s moot ( but you should’ve killed heart seeker with general and then dropped shroud where heart seeker was to dispel 4W magi


Game 3:

Mulligan was actually fine, but I guess you still didn’t consider t2 shieldmaster

Don’t hit tiger into jaxi!!! The minijax just kills tiger and he uses a 2 drop to get a 1 drop and kill your 3 drop- all around bad for you. Instead, consider playing silverguard knight on the mana tile and kill jaxi with it or your general next turn, then use tiger to hunt it down, leaving you with a bonus 3/1 as well as board presence.

It was definitely better to kill the 2/2

Protip: should have played shieldmaster where the mana spring was, provoking enemy general and making it impossible for dancing blades to just kill it with help from general. Then, no need to Preemtively divine bond

From that point on, you’re fighting a losing battle - you’re too far behind your opponent, so maybe wishing for a miracle like getting 3rd divine bond for lion for lethal and your opponent doesn’t kill lion was your best plan - in general, you should always consider your (and your opponent’s) win condition, and what you need to do to achieve yours or block theirs


Thanks for the help, @atd09. I’ve added your advice to the video and will try to use it during my next few matches.