Its time to decide what to create next


It’s this time of the year again when i’m tryimg to decide what deck to create just so i can get bullied dumpstered on ladder by wanderer and friends.

The options are:

Give me a reasom to stay in gold with my fun decks please and help me pick one.

  • Nemeton reflection - all the fun of bullying now with reflection.
  • Wall vespyr - control with vespyr buff them and end with big gaint walls.
  • Ilena reflection, no seraphim, just mirrors.
  • Artifact ilena.

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Snowhai runs Nemetown anyways.


Nemeton Reflection? How would that work?


You summon Memetown and smack your oppenent with roided up walls (that where units that had experienced the reflec)


So you reflect walls onto other minions? Why though?


Basically having nemeton is a insert a bad word when you up against heavy control decks but sticky minions are sticky
So you summon kron or ygddra + gravity well ant turn after you go reflection and boom!


Alright, I see.


I met reflected Kron on ladder. Oh boy, it’s scary.


Habe you ever seen…



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