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Its brag Time guys


You didn’t win the design battle but you did win the design war!


Since we’re discussing this, I’m likely the culprit for Drogon’s design :slight_smile:

Back then, I proposed a Magmar minion who doubled the general’s attack upon BBS usage. If I recall correctly, it was a 3/3 minion at 3 mana, but unfortunately I cannot find my post anymore…


Does this mean I’m somewhat responsible for Thunderbomb, as I describe how the damage works but packaged with a minion. Although it wasn’t for a card design contest, it was talking about how would a doomsayer type minion could work in Duelyst.

I’m also sure that Araras Prophet was also a card from a design contest but don’t remember which one or who made it.


I played Duelyst for 11 seasons.
all 11 seasons I have been to S.
Two seasons I had under 60 wins to get there.

Still havent been on a tourney or league
Still no forum title :frowning:



15 characters


How do you explain that 10 S-rank and 1 Diamond, then?


there was a bug that let you drop divisions at one point


Ah, yes. I’m afflicted by that one every season… :wink:


No, that legitimately happened and it was because of that. Just search for it on the forums and you will find it.


I know, I know. :roll_eyes:


Probably my fastest ever


I feel most comfortable playing new meme-stuffs every season, in every rank. Climbing the ladder, though… let’s not talk about that :stuck_out_tongue:


Could always let the Meltdown League be your first one. :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:


That’s interesting… Did CPG notify you?


Might have reached S a bit more often had i not lost the majority of my competetive drive in this game and if i would not try to avoid playing the top of the meta(not honorble or bragworthy…everyone can grind up with t1-t0 decks)


Why should they? Basically any Duelyst related content here is already theirs.


As long as you’re fine with it.


Well, who knows, maybe they designed it before me, I just happened to match their design :slight_smile:


That’s what they would tell you for sure. “Simultaneous development,” or some such nonsense.


My biggest clam to fame is that I’ve gotten 7+ gauntlet wins a number of times :sunglasses: