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Its brag Time guys


Just wanna say this was my best season ever. I reached srank with 59 wins playing ramp dying wish lilithe, burn cassyva and a little bit of xorxull maehv. I had lots of fun and unexpected wins despite those decks are not considered super competitive.
Whats your best record and what decks do you feel most confortable with for reaching high ranks?


Congratulations! That’s a crazy streak!

You get all the bragging rights!


I wanted to climb to gold, but I have to study for AP History. :expressionless:



Thank you. :man_student:


getting to s in under 60 wins is not easy, well done :smiley:


You should be ashamed.


Pretty sure that’s the new world record.


Eh, as long as it wasn’t a wanderer ramp win, he should be pretty proud since none of those decks are meta.


Never used wanderer


Is this sarcasm or legitimacy?


I’m 95% sure it is sarcasm, lowest possible is 40, not sure how close people have got, but I know that some have almost got a perfect run.


Someone last year or maybe even late 2016 said they got to S-rank with losing only 1 game with Lyonar on the forums. Don’t remember if the person that was from starting bottom of Silver or at the reset of a new season. That the closest I’ve heard anyone getting a perfect run up to S-Rank.


I know are least two who have done it under 50, Jogda and… didn’t someone make a forum post about it a while ago? Idk.


Very nice… I’m hovering around 8 atm… Congrats!


Legitimacy, it was in the 60s set by 56u7 last time.

A lot of people in DO said it was the record at the time.


60 wins is very good but that is far from the record. My personal record was 49 wins but I only did that once and never got even close to that ever again. I’ve heard Freud at one time climbed to S with a bit over 40 wins. There are other individuals I can’t recall who have also climbed to S with a low amount of wins.


Reaching Diamond almost every season (actually, I didn’t when Unranked was available as I avoided Ladder) with a 50% Concede ratio playing my stupid decks :wink:


I’m not a good player, I have nothing similar to share.

However, I’m quite proud that scroll bandit is actually a card designed by me, and it found its way into a game. And what a fun card it is!

Proof: Fan Card Design Hub: Discussion (+Card Design Contest Discussion). Note that this card was presented at a Design Contest with the theme “Cross-Faction keywords”.

Didn’t win that design contest though :thinking: Didn’t even get to votes.


Hah, that is pretty blatant “copyright theft” by CPG. One of my fav cards as well.