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Italian Xorxull video


Hi guys, as said in a previous thread i recorded a couple of Duelytst videos in Italian!!
If you can help me with the share, i’ll thank you so much.
Here you go


sure, no problem :+1:


I link to this thread on the wiki. Would you be willing to write a short deck guide in English?


I built your deck and queued accidentally into ladder. Got Xor super fast out on 5 or 6 mana but lost in the end to a brutal Infest Grasp Punish play. Didn’t see that one coming. But I wonder how my opponent wins any other games because if it doesn’t go against a Swarm deck I see Infest not doing anything. And the rest of the deck just looked like a lot of control.


Yeah infest doesnt exist in ladder so you simply were unlucky. The deck is supposed to be control cause you have to survive till xor is out. And even when it is, there are some games where you have to grind it long till you draw dancer.

When it comes to the guide, i can write something down next Week.


Managed to check the videos, nice job! The background volume is a bit too loud compared to your voice though :wink:


I noticed that, Next time Will be balanced;)


I was doing fine and winning. Great board against one wraithling and Kelaino. I marked all the usual win cons off but then Infest dealt a lot of damage. It did that at once.

It is interesting that for the game the minion with grasp and its neighbour minions all died at the same time. Even though they didn’t cause Grasp adds a dying wish. That can be important because of Shadowdancer. Before I died I should have got healed.


Infest and Grasp have a bit of a strange interaction. When an Infested minion with grasp dies, it spreads the Infest to other minions before the damage of grasp comes through and kills those minions. So if there are 4 Wraithlings together, one gets Infest and Grasp onto it, then it dies. Infest does 8 damage to the general, even though all 4 wraithlings die at the same time.


Nice videos and special thanks for making them in Italian, I’ll add them to the previous thread I made :). That deck is cancerous… I think I’ll give it a go hehe!
EDIT: the thread was closed. @yaviey could you please re-open https://forums.duelyst.com/t/italian-duelyst-corner/16041/10it and keep it opened? Thank you :slight_smile: !

@Nuisar haven’t been much online this week so I wasn’t aware of what was going on, but are you planning more Italian streaming?


Thank you! Yeah i tried to posted it in your thread but it was already closed:(


You might have better luck summoning @alexicon1


@atheistmantis I’ve reopened the thread :slight_smile: enjoy! cheers @isbee for the heads up :slight_smile:


Thank you @alexicon1!


Ciao! Can you please check again? I’ve re-set the bump date but will need to get someone’s help to figure out if there’s a way to keep it open perpetually.


It was already taken care of by another mod.


I think @alexicon1 got it covered with the “perpetually open” option, but thanks :slight_smile: .

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