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Hello fellow Italian players,

with @Nuisar we’ve been talking about trying to get more Italian players to the community as it appears to not be so popular in our country.
Better late than never!

Nuisar already streams in English and we talked about trying to launch streaming in Italian just to make the game more known.
So the question is: how many Italian speakers we have here?


@MEgix is both Italian and is super helpful with spreading media. :smiley:


Thank you, I’ve sent him a msg now :slight_smile: .


Also if y’all wanna form an Italian team for Team Wars it’s only a week away. :wink: Though I do think Megix has already said they don’t have time. :frowning:


Not that i can stream or anything though :thinking:
i wonder if we can get someone who could write an article on mmorpgitalia, multiplayer.it or spaziogames.it to give dooli some visibility, even though it’s not exactly a nice moment for the game :thinking:


@rhacker93 Thanks for the reminder, due to scheduling problems I personally don’t think I’ll be capable of participating, but thanks anyway :slight_smile: !

@melkorita Ehilà! No worries, the idea (for now) is just to try to find enough people that can follow a stream in Italian and spread the word through Twitch and maybe other media too.
Your idea about the articles is actually good, but I personally have no contacts in that area.
Do you know anybody? I could volunteer myself to write something somewhere where can be read :slight_smile: .


Mmm nope sorry, i’m quite sure you could submit articles on mmorpgitalia even as non staff member, but then it changed ownership and i don’t know how it works now :thinking:


Ciao ragazzi!
Didnt expect you guys to be Italian!:o


Sono italiano anchio! :smiley:
Ma non ho ne i mezzi ne il tempo per fare streaming…
Make Italy great again! XD


I would like to stream but unfortunately i had a pretty bad internet connection that doesnt allow me to do it:(
But some months ago i recorded a YouTube video in italian. Ther it is


Yeah that would be great.
I am currently streaming in english but I think I could stream in italian as well.
I usually stream around 11.00 pm italian time just to get more viewers from other countries, especially americanb ones but I can also set up a couple of days dedicated to italian followers, like at 6 pm.


Ciao @project2el e @meaningless :smiley: !

It’s ok if you guys don’t have the time/chance to stream as right now Nuisar has got that covered. All we need is people that can watch a streaming in Italian and get other Italians/Italian speakers, being them Duelyst players or not, to follow. I hope we can count on the 2 of you guys for this!

x project2el: keep up the youtube contents, if you start making a thing of them we can maybe help spread them :slight_smile: .


I’ve started promoting Duelyst on my twitter page
Starting today at 6 pm


Guys, I’m not Italian as you probably know but I just want to say that I fully support your enthusiasm. Good luck!


Thanks @alplod all support is appreciated :slight_smile: !!


Ita anche io, avrei voluto fare qualche video sul tubo, ma non ho molto tempo libero per via del lavoro e non essendo poi così esperto, non volevo risultare “fetente”.
Sarò contento di guardare Nuisar quando possibile! Lo avevo già seguito tempo fa su Twitch con tanto di notifiche!


Ciao @datlerry! Ottimo, quello di cui c’è bisogno è viewers e pubblicità :slight_smile: .


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Ciao a tutti!
Ecco un paio di link di video da @project2el con replay e deck-tech della sua lista Trial-Maehv:

pt1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFkR6ejzEcY

pt2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0u1Y9IoL1zo