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It Has Been A Privilege to Play With You


I’d be remiss to not post here after such an awesome time. It’s been a blast, sharing memes and shouting random nonsense all the time. I’ll still be around lurking off and on as per usual, but should any of you wish to maintain contact with me, on the off chance there’s a game to enjoy together in the future feel free to PM me. We can easily share information about Steam, Nintendo, Playstation accounts (What’s an Xbone?).

Otherwise, at least a couple of you have my Discord info too!

Oh yeah, and Duelyst was a fun game. At least Sarlac will live on (and Gor).

I’m sure you remember, but there was a reason why I made the pact to hate you. If it served the propose I wanted it too, all I can say is ‘worth it’. kiss my butt you sappy, moapy, dumb dumb.

…I’m running out of good insults here.


Do you have ribbons with other factions?


Yeah, with all of the other factions combined minus Abyssian, I have 10 more ribbons.


I’ve mostly lurked on this forum, but ever since I first saw duelyst I fell in love. The art, the card game mixed with board game, it was literally a game I could only dream of. It’s kinda disappointing it will never grow larger, but I love it all the same.


I just asked for the Ribbon Watch. Didn’t know if I have to italicize your name :wink:


Some of the best pixel art (and the cartoon character art ofc) i’ve ever seen. Such a great game, I wish it took off more, and that it doesnt die for at least a while longer. Great fanbase compared to other online games, honestly the least toxic online community i’ve seen, made me feel immature if I got annoyed at an opponent and has a strong community. I wonder if there’s been Q4 content? I’ve reached diamond but havent had the patience recently that I do in other games; I think this is due to duelyst thriving on change, and my annoyance at the current meta (nothing to do with abyssian not being stronger at all haha haha). Happy to have met some of the people on this forum ingame (Terrarius, Snowshot) (yes theres probably more but I might not have seen you post as im not that active on forums) (usually dont see them in forums in other games). Christ this is a long post.


also Abyssian is where its at


adding onto my post i’m pretty sure I played against u miguelosz and halcyon, but I dont remember it too well ^^’; probably multiple times.


I’m so happy to see that the community has remained strong through all the changes. I feel like I’ve been here to see all of it, but I do regret not hopping into the Duelyst meme game during its hayday.

My in game name was ThongBonerstorm. I’m sure that you guys ran across me a few times, I ran the gamut of ranks from silver to top 50 depending on the level of meme I was channeling that day.

This may be the last time for a long time I come by, but I hope our paths cross in the next great underappreciated title of our generation.


Will miss the game. (Ah wait are we doing eulogies or like…)


I played this game for the strategy, but stayed for the forums.

Initially, I played almost exclusively gauntlet, but at some point I really tried on ladder, and almost hit S-rank multiple times (rank one 4 chevrons but the ladder reset :confused: ) That was one of the Golden Ages of my life, where I’d work in the morning (summer internship) and come home to play duelyst for hours. It was glorious, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget that (though I’ll not old scions third wish)

Then, junior year of high school rolls around. It’s a bit more time consuming, but I still played frequently, even got some friends into it (though they never went on the forums). I hit S rank around that time, if memory serves, which was a huge accomplishment for me but also the beginning of the end.

After hitting. S rank I played a little less frequently… and senior year rolled around. College applications had to be done, and I stopped playing.

I read the forums on and off, catching up with the meme threads over the course of several days of high intensity reading, and engaged a bit myself.

I don’t think I’ll forget the people in there… especially not Isbee! The fact that I was remembered really made my day, and a few more after that. But it’s not like I’ll forget Alpod, or Epicflygon, or halcyon, or longshot…

Now I play maybe every once in a while, though college has started and Oxford has not been light on the workload :frowning:

Here, at the “end”, I don’t miss the time I put into Duelyst. I’m honestly not sure what else to say.

If I end up not really seeing you all… well, I’ll miss you guys. You helped create a special little place in my heart. :heart:

Keep on keeping on, friends. And, until next time!


Very cool!

Also…I appreciate the shoutout, friend! :grin:

No matter how busy you get, remember to take some time for quiet contemplation. It’ll help you center and focus.

I will be here until the very last day the forum is in existence, so stop by and chat any time you can.

If you wanna still be in contact with me, or anyone else here, after that…well, I expect most of us wouldn’t mind…especially me.


Terrible taste. Truly unfortunate to see so many promising faces fall for false sincerity.


…You’re partially forgiven.




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