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It Has Been A Privilege to Play With You


In these final moments, in these days bleeding into weeks bleeding into years, leave something of yourself here.

When the anthropologists of tomorrow dig through the dusty husks of the internet, dredging through page after page of an abandoned digital landscape, what will they learn about Duelyst? What will they know about those who played it?

This is not a ‘Duelyst is dead’ post.
I am not inclined to point at every corpse I see to announce its condition.

This is a time capsule.
This is a place you can return to when you go to clear your bookmarks to taste the bittersweet of nostalgia. An ambrosia of thorns.

What will you put in the capsule?


It is the best tactical CCG, the blend of HoMM and Hearthstone, I’ve had the pleasure to play up to 2019. At least.

Also, it’s the game with the best forum community I’ve seen up to this moment.

And I still love Counterplay Games.


This has been a hot mess of a year and also a year where I feel that I got both feet back on the ground. I quit a 8 year long relationship, failed to get into my final exams, moved. But I found new work, a woman that thinks alot more like me and finally more appreciation from my family. Hey even my brother’s wife is pregnant. This is a good time right now.

Oh and magic is F2p now. I have promised to myself that I will play Duelyst sometime in the future with my kids.


It’s good that things turned around for you my dude. May they continue to get better.



First digital CCG that I ever played.

I was a fan of Final Fantasy Tactics since Gameboy. When I first saw Duelyst on steam, I thought “Wow, a game with mechanics like FFT with good art and free to play? this is perfect!”. It took me about a while to advance from bronze, and a lot more to get out of silver(about 20+ seasons maybe). And I just overcame gold a couple seasons ago.

The community was also very nice. I only ever met a couple of salty player(less than 5) and it was hilarious to chat with them after I beat them.

The forums was a very helpful place and I visited it almost every day. I rarely posted but I enjoyed it very much, especially the memes.

It is very sad to see my favourite game to didn’t get enough updates in this year.
I hope Bandai do something about it. A collab expansion would be nice.

Thank you, and if you meet me in game(ign is the same), don’t forget to add me :slight_smile:


All the endless memorable moments.

Reaching S for the first time with a Swarm Lilithe featuring Shiro Puppydragon and Inkhorn Gaze as key cards.

That Gauntlet draft with 5 Shadowdancers and 5 Reapers.

Beating S#1 with a totally ridiculous Abyss meme.

Finishing Aggro Reva off for an exact on-curve lethal with a Spiral Technique while playing Creep.

Dat double legendary-double epic orb.

Winning a lore contest with a story I actually found pretty beautiful.

And of course, all the amazing, fabulous Doolisters.


So much I could say…

Over 3 years I have played Duelyst, talked about Duelyst, and memed about Duelyst…(well a little over 2 years here; I only stalked the original forum.)

This place…has seen me at my lowest point in life so far. Of course, I never said anything about it…but visits here were among the few stable moments I had during that time.

Not that I depended on the forum for my mental health, but it helped…you all helped in your own ways…whether you knew it or not.

I am generally not a person that goes out of my way to engage in online communities, so this place was a leap of faith for me. I was not disappointed.

I hope you all have a great 2019. I don’t know if I could stop talking about how much you all mean to me, so I will just end it here.


I just hope the devs aren’t having a hard time.


without Duelyst I never would have been able to get to know the wonderful people on this forum, so I think it has become more than just a great card game for me but also a chapter in my life. One that I shall surely revisit with nostalgic memories, even if I do unfortunately end up falling out of touch with you guys. @saltystabwound 's sillyness, @isbee and @longshot405 's comedic feud, isgopet 's wonderful musics, @excogitator 's great shitposts and pillow, @alplod 's always intriguing viewpoints, galaxydueler 's doom, alexx55 's gate to the undervault, anjosustrakr 's polls, @ryousen 's Almost epileptic but absolutely exceptional graphic design, old thanny’s great dark souls pics and awesome responses, gsvalhalla 's analyses, deathsadvocate 's lifesaving deck threads, boronian and bepoest 's wiki contributions, halcyon98 's creative factions, @phantomgoth 's quotes, @phoenixtoasches 's deep ideas, wardl and @snowshot 's vanar support, eurasianjay 's songhai, alphacentury 's always out of the box decks, owlbeastmd 's crazy fun discord discussions and decks, improbableblob and readerusmc 's vetruvian, terrarius 's video game dedication, Ryvirath 's great job at cpg and determination to stick with dooly afterwards, miguelosz 's abyssian, mmf 's shitposts, and @epicflygon 's vanar, wanderer, chess and trap shitposting. And everyone I may have missed. Every little part of themselves each person put into this forum makes it more than duelyst’s community, from their troubles, daily lives, and experiences. It makes it our community. I hope everyone can agree with me when I say this forum is one big digital family.

So, lets do our best to connect even more with all of the amazing people we meet along our journey that is life.Starting right here, in this forum! This is nowhere near an end, but only the beginning!

  • Lets do it!
  • Nah.

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This aesthetic, sublime… sounds straight out of Philosophical Investigations.

Reminiscing about 2017, Im thinking, whenever I get a girlfriend, remind me to immediately quit that endeavor and return to cardgames

Nah, in a more serious note, its been pretty nice. I started my journey here as a bad player of every game, and I believe I am less so now, through the experience I gained. Perhaps, maybe one would dare say, I am a tiny bit less bad at any given challenge, for to win in cardgames is an activity of mental effort and calculation, and Ive exercised that here.
These matches and community also provided me shelter for rainy days- and, likewise, an inner sun for brigher ones… this comes as a surprise to me, I very easily drop communities, or straight up dont engage. Never thought I’d have 1000+ hours in a game after Spiral Knights either. What magic befalls this place and its people is unknown to me- what is known is that this familiarity is comfortable. I have cascaded these interactions into a couple of good friends, which in turn influence my spirits and topics, which in turn influence my art and techniques, which in turn influence whomever admires them, which, I hope, as some kind of ultimate objective, will influence someone like me, when I produce them, in the future. I dont believe any one man could reverse engineer any of my work back to Duelyst, but I know, its thin dust spreads surprisingly far, into me, into the future.


Thanks, bro. I’m flattered by you choosing this specific aspect of my individuality.

Luv u 2 :kissing_closed_eyes:


Do not put your faith in Bandai Namco to properly support burgeoning indie CCGs.


This is bittersweet. Duelyst is undoubtedly the best game I’ve ever played, and it’s a discouraging thought that someday we must let it go. But what use is ruminating over an uncertain future when we can enjoy the camaraderie we share this very moment? To me at least, Duelyst has transcended the mere concept of a video game to be something much more personal, and it wouldn’t have been without you absolutely wonderful folks gathered here. Thank you all! :kissing_heart:


My legacy:



For the longest of time Duelyst had felt like an unhealthy relationship that I just couldn’t let go of but I’m glad I was apart of this game’s history and I’m glad I met all the people I did meet.

Duelyst’s death was slow and painful, every new change pushed players away from the game and the same with every time there wasn’t.

I loved this game and I’m glad my skills where able to improve because of it.

I’m glad of the acheivements I have done and I’m glad for the people I have helped.


Won,t miss duelyst itself much-but the community here :frowning:
The forum here is the true reason that i sticked with duelyst for so long despite all the BS it brings


The game was awesome, but I can get over it dying.

This forum’s community though, I’ll probably remember this place for a long time, made some good memories here especially on the meme thread and met so many interesting people.


nice game, great community

thanks for the memories and the peeps i’ve met here, dooli


I bought into the Duelyst Kickstarter, as I saw a game that had an art style that I adored (both pixel art units and accompanying general art portfolio) combined with a tactical nature that appealed to the turn based player nerd inside me.

I usually play ‘good guys’ in games, so I started to play Lyonar almost exclusively at the beginning, but I was soon tempted by all of the cool tricks of the dark side back during probably the only time Abyssian was considered a strong faction: the very beginning, especially when Sarlaac the Eternal originally cost 1 mana.

So I proceeded to craft, then slowly tune probably the strangest swarm deck anyone saw, and played this almost exclusively, only swapping out a card or two each time a new expansion came out. I came to think of this deck as the ‘Swiss Army Swarm’, with it’s main strength being multiple win conditions, and it’s main weakness in maing sure that I get the right card order for any one of the win conditions.

This deck lead me to earn the most Abyssian ribbons in the entire game (a couple of days ago I reached 62):

I reached S- Rank 15 times, and even made it to the top 50 a couple of times. Though now even the OCD collector inside me has now had it’s hunger satisfied with the fact that I have 3 copies of almost every card in the game, with enough spirit and more to spare to craft the remaining if I wanted to. So at this time, there is nothing left for me to collect.

But with the closing of 2018, and a game that since being taken over by Bandai has had barely a fraction of the updates compared to when it was ‘independent’, I feel stagnation has set in. Maybe I might play a little here and there after the new year, but I don’t see it happening much at all; that is unless there is some sort of balance patch at the very least, or even a new fabled proper expansion.

So until that day happens, maybe I’ll see you in the game from time to time, but more likely I look forward to that potential bright future of coming back to the game with the same regularity I previously had, if an expansion is released.

Thanks everyone for all of the fun, frustrating, exciting, and satisfying battles!