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Issue with Graphics Drivers - NEED HELP!



So my friend recently tried to play, but to no success. Every time he gets in he get an error “Sorry, your graphics have snagged” or “Drivers have stopped working”. Yes, I have in fact read the technical support pages and we have tried all of the things listed. The main issue each one seems to point to is the idea that he has a dedicated graphics card. He does not. He’s only got Intel HD Graphics 4600. Another suggestion was to turn off 3D Hardware Acceleration but when it came to the point to click the “Troubleshoot” tab, there wasn’t one. Again, not because of a graphics card because he does not have one. We’ve made sure everything is up to date and all that yet still nothing. We’d really love some help because from the very few starter games I’ve played that he’s seen, he’s very interested in the game.

Operating System:

Windows 10

System Specs:

CPU: Intel i7 processor
GPU: None, that we know of or that is listed
RAM: 4 to 6 GB I believe since he couldn’t find it


Bug Report Details

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Launch game
  2. Go partially through tutorial
  3. Get error message
  4. Crash game


Have you tried grabbing the latest drivers direct from Intel? (You mentioned following the technical support pages but it doesn’t hurt to ask, since this issue overlaps with other users with Intel on Win10!) You can find the most recent drivers here – https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/81496/Intel-HD-Graphics-4600-for-4th-Generation-Intel-Core-Processors

Assuming you have tried this (and/or try it and it doesn’t work), the Intel HD Graphics 4600 may just not be powerful enough to run Duelyst, as it can often experience issues with even simple shaders. Giving the computer a fresh reboot and not running anything else (Skype, videos, browser, etc.) might help, but unfortunately these things aren’t designed to game :frowning:


We tried that several times. Nothing worked. Strange considering I’ve got 3000 and run it just fine.


i have the same problem but i have an nvidia geforce gtx 860m graphics card


My suggestion is using duelyst in steam or web client in beta.duelyst.comif your friend still can’t play it using the usual client


Yea. That’s what we decided was to wait for the release.