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Is worldcore arbitrage eclipse possible?

I’ve been mulling over some meme vetruvian decks, and the most meme vetruvian deck that I could think of was a janky possibly viable combo aiming to OTK the enemy general. You put down a worldcore golem and get it to last 2 turns. Then, on your next turn you drop eclipse, and using some sort of spell ramp, either manaforger or abjudicator, with arbitrage in hand. you also go ahead and play eclipse. After dropping Eclipse and Worldcore, you then drop a synaptic arbitrage, give up that worldcore, and smack face with eclipse dealing 25 damage to the general, and ending the game instantly. A slightly more makeshift option is blood taura. When you have lost sufficiently enough health, you give up taura, and smack face with eclipse, dealing something like 12 damage. What could possibly go wrong? It’s unlikely that eclipse is going to survive more than a turn, and it’s equally unlikely that taura will survive more than a turn, and frankly I have very little hope for worldcore OTKs as well. Which is why I need advice as to how I can make this deck viable. I’m still crafting my taura’s and eclipse’s so I havn’t gotten to testing this out yet. I presume a standard golem package can carry you through till then.

This is what I got. Any advice works.


The combo is extremely inconsistent and too slow…
If you want to go for worldcore shenanigans try worldcore,mitotic induction and than eggmorph/wild interceptor

It is a bit faster and doesn,t give your opponent the chance to play around it(except walling himself off,playing provoke or killing you )


I’ve played that combo. It’s nice. It works. It’s more consistent. But I wanted hardcore meme… especially for vet, and I wanted to do something with eclipse after I pulled one. And I really want to see this happen once. Just to say I’ve seen it all.

A better combo than this (but still too slow) would be Worldcore in the corner (hope the enemy ignores it) and then Astral Phasing it to slam your opponent in the face.


Ah that would actually be interesting. I should try that.

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I hate to disappoint you, but I don’t see this combo being viable. If you want a flashy Worlcore OTK in Vetruvian you would be better off simply using Astral Phasing or Kinematic Projection on him then trying this rather complicated combo (this combo would still be too unreliable since it is going to take a lot of luck to get Worldcore to live for even 1 turn).

Abbysian or Magmar have better memes with Worldcore if thats what you are looking for.

Synaptic Arbitrage is just really bad, but if you insist on meming with it I would reccomend an Aggro deck with Wings of Paradise and Bloodtear so that you can hopefully smack face for 5, steal all of their nearby minions with less than 5 attack and then kill WoP with Bloodtear so he won’t be used against you.


Your combo starts at 8 mana,needs your opponent to not answer your eclipse,needs to wait another turn to play the worldcore and have nothing beeing answered during that turn aswell and needs 3 cards in total…theres no way for you to get this combo of against anyone remotely competent


wow, I like the way you think. Did you try it yourself?


Yes, I did. The combo was nice whenever it would work but not exactly trivial to pull off. Wings of Paradise is very likely to get removed before he gets to act. And Synaptic Arbitrage wasn’t very useful outside of the combo (aside from using it on Bloodtear to rob a few Obelysks).

This is perfect for deadlyst. Give up your eclipse and hit it with worldcore for an instant det


Just giving up your worldcore is as effective though…


But not as flashy my man, not as flashy


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