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Is this thing legit?


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41mb update??? from r/duelyst

Original reddit post^^^

Is this real shit?


Few days ago I also got about 130~ mb of update but I saw nothing different


Any idea what it’s all about? Diamond sale? Surprise content? Patch?


i wouldn’t get to excited. pray for the best, prepare for the worst


I also play via Steam and nothing has changed.


Steam has been updating… something in their background which forces a lot of games to ‘update’.

For most games, it’s small but if the main duelyst file needs to be changed / updated, it’s going to be a larger download.


Probably its just a diamond ssle


Fixed it for you.


MANY games in my libary caused downloads and all of them had no patchlog.
Its probably steam having changed something which forces these downloads to keep the game and client stable together

*what do you think about grim dawn?I didn,t like it much,the gameplay is not only quite mindless but you have very little control over what you grind for and the powerfantasy thingy is done better by warframe in my opinion. Also it seems strange that a game that wants to be replayed focuses so much on exploration




Thanks a bunch. I was hoping it was some sort of sneak patch, or a sign that the devs were still paying attention to the game, but ah welp.

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