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Is This Game Dead

I’ve been playing for a couple days ago and was interested in what decks are meta and the last time the decks were updated was around August. I am unsure if this game gets updated regularly or if its card system is that of Magic where sets rotate in and out.
Are there balance changes as well like the more broken cards get limited or banned or is everything free game if you shell out for the top tier decks. Id like to know if they’re gonna come out with new sets


First of all there are lots of similar threads.

In short there are no more current updates.
There may be hope that development on Duelyst resumes after CPG’s new game Godfall comes out but no guarantees.



The game hasn’t received a new patch since May 2018. Duelyst Patch 1.96

They were planning on having rotating sets like Hearthstone, but there wasn’t enough of a player base to have 2 queues for rotation and non-rotation. So they removed rotation in the last patch.

Like I mentioned/linked above we haven’t had a new patch in ages. But it is possible to do well in-game without having to pay money or play the top decks. However, it requires patience and time for newer players to understand fundamentals, such as positioning. If you get to know the community well enough you can find people who stream the game and ask/learn from them when they play (and also get free stuff from twitch drop rewards).

There are no promises when it comes to new sets. The people who worked on the game have said they would like to do more with Duelyst but are tied up with another game project called Godfall. Which means no new Duelyst content until that get released at best (holiday season 2020). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vX-257ns6g


Thank you this was really helpful


For meta decks etc. go to www.duelspot.com


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