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Is this a HOT BUDGET S RANK list or a cry for help

“What if I wreck some balls”, I thought. And thus it was born. It did exactly what the thought described.

GO FACE, HEADS ROLL, digital collage, 2018

depicted in this piece is a turn 3 16 damage lethal that impresses a crowd of a duck, blood vessels who proclaimed independence crawled out of its bird shell, a burning skeleton, two anime lolis, of which one is suffering in anxiety and the other is amicably impressed, pink Focault, and a poorly drawn Gendo in the form of a Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, symbolizing that all went according to plan. The pocket watch positioned to resemble a sun symbolizes the pressure of the inescapable clock bestowed by the aggro list, of which include, rooting for Zirix’s incandescent radiance, of which include the star Flameblood Grimm, Primus Fist cosplaying Healing Mystic, a cat and some dude Ive definitely never seen before. The ecstatic skeleton speaks for itself

old version:
This one is super cheap, burned through gold with a 10 winbstreak, did fine in mid diamond, and you can make it even cheaper by skipping Fury for more draw, but Rasha’s Curse is quintessential to the burst
my objective was to make a REELING BLAZING HOT deck that makes you go FULL SPEED KAMIKAZE, its the sexiesty way to play- to make something in which everything deals damage.

I got to diamond 1 with the above, got locked there with the occasional fall to d2, noticed I ran out of steam too fast and decided to tweak it

Opted out First Wish for the Dervish cycle guy, because screw FW honestly, I’d rather have more things to buff with Dunecaster, and its also a cycle that can give another cycle
With the loss of Tiger+wish turns, its not THAT savage a deck anymore, not all your cards deal damage, but the core is still there, and has nice output

P1T1: diagonal Flameblood Warlock
p2: walk forwards twice and do something dumb and slow
P1T2: Primus Fist on Mana + Second Wish on Warlock
the opponent now has 15 hp turn 2, you have 25, they have to deal with a 5/3 and a 2/3 on the board, and your entire deck is either burst or draw

lots of cantrips make it so that its not rare for you to actually make use of the sixth slot in the early game, Rasha+Dunecaster is removal + bodies, Second Wish anything that lives and it becomes a threat to be dealt with, Primus Fist helps you end the game or turn a poop dervish into an okay trader, Bone Swarm is nice BBS removal- your role is to scream and watch their HP diminish abnormally fast while you dump bodies every turn, delight thyself with their reluctance as they notice, _man, im at 11 hp, they’re at 20. when did everything go wrong

how is ramped embla real hahaha just aggro them haha like just go face

I actually find this list performs nicely against Wanderer because of its speed, and also against anything that doesnt require you to keep removing everything FREAKING LYONARS MAN these unpalatable fellas kept kicking me down and very mad for two days straight

something I am fond of doing with this list is taking the risk, sometimes I just ignore the board and go face, especially when I know I have three lots of my burst still in the deck- oh god I love Flameblood Warlock, this card is everything, its damage, its ping, its body, its aggro, is removal, its draw, its a mythron, and a spell, i want it as a general.
man, i got distracted. So yeah, because if you keep creating a strong board to burn them down, say, Rasha+Second Wish+Dunecaster, they have to remove it somehow, either taking time from their mana, or trading which is a clear in itself, and if you can keep burning them like that, at some point you’ll be at 13 hp, but they will be at 6 and its your turn and then you just win

It seems many regard this strategy as questionable, but somehow I managed to find more success with it than with full clears all the time. You dont wanna take a mass removal to the face and regret not GOING FACE.
Plus, with risk taking, it makes it easier to pull lethal out of nowhere, and tilt your enemies on the way out.

Kraigon couldnt save him
(as a disclaimer, i dont actually tilt on purpose, im pretty chill and lovely, and i like it when the opponent has fun, but when they let it get to their heads this hard, i find it difficult not choose to dance in mirrored rudeness and vice. there’s beauty in that too, you dont need to be kind all the time)

I just fell into S right now, which means Im doing something right, but, I mean, i’m also doing something is wrong because I struggled to do so

Thoughts? Help? Something? Anything?
Whats your experience with aggro vet, what to do, what not to do, what are your preferences, is Tiger still playable, comment, like, subscribe, good bye (not really im still here)


Just wondering, but should you censor those names in the friends list? Don’t want us to humiliate him further.

Anyway, I noticed you have Duskweaver. Is he any good? It is just that when he was first revealed, people are dismissing it as useless.

I like it, it has been buffed to 2 attack since Shimzar’s reintroduction, has synergy with Fireblaze Obelysk and Dunecaster, and gives you a Wish card as it dies- and this deck sure loves the prospect of drawing a wish “for free”

edit: oh, about the names, I dont believe anyone in the forums is toxic enough to add a person just to trash talk them, so I’m not worried about showing names at all, and I wouldnt care that a dude tasted more of his own venom either


Yeah like @alplod. Gosh rank 0? Do u even PlAAyai Duellyist doood?



I believe I met this deck during my climb with face Vaath. Had a pretty funny close match where we just went face to each other…but he was a bit faster :grin:


Great art, nice deck, fun post, much entertain :slight_smile: .


What’s up with Replicant?

I understand it in the first list, since running out of cards is a real concern, but looks like a bad fit for the second list once you’ve cut First Wish (which feels like a mistake) and added Spelljammers.

Deck thinners?

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This. Even though its flooded with creatures, sometimes you’ll be on your sixth mana and have some creature you’d rather keep than cast, like a Dunecaster, a spell, and Replicant. Suppose Replicant was a First Wish instead- you use 3 mana and rely on the draw to make your turn, instead of casting 3 creatures, which seem meager at first, but remember, all face is good damage, and any living creatures can be amped by Second Wish.
This is how I won against Alpod, by the way. I mean, I finished with Tiger+Second Wish, but they were also necessary, or would be in other situations. They also make for good method to steal mana from Celebrant, and as body bockers when you need many.

I dont exactly like cutting First Wish, but too often I felt like I’d rather have anything else, or dont want to cast a creature just for it, or that the cycle isnt useful because I have to cast a creature + it which is minimum 2 mana less to use on whatever it draws, and then rely on that to be a good draw. Remember it also doesnt make Dunecaster, Duskweaver or Flameblood stick. With this in mind I end up just always replacing for anything else- which may as well be a mistake on my part, in which case anyone can go ahead and try to illuminate me on the matter, since Im also asking for help.

3 2/2’s is fine. Even if you start with it its good, since you’ll then have six cards in your hand. You cant start with FW.


I’d try playing headhunter and khanum over replicant and spelljammer

Headhunter? Would it be strong enough?

I dont mean to stomp on your opinions, and you can certaintly play what you want, but I will still try to convince you why rep and spell are the better options here

He needs replicant as a source of psuedo draw to dunk buffs into without losing on card advantadge.

Spelljammer is much needed card advantadge that pushes tempo with a par for the course body.

Headhunter is a lackluster 2 drop that will generally do very little, and it doesnt replace itself as replicant does.
Buffing this would generally result in a huge card advantadge and board defecit due to this.

Khanuum kha is a situationally powerful combo piece with fault, and requires a column of dervishes or the opponent to be vaath or both to be effective.
Besides this it has a weak body, comes out on 5 (top end for aggro generally) and generates 0 card advantadge.


I must agree with you. Got intrigued with the built so I tried It.
Head hunter seemed good with all’ those " opening gambit " and have to admit I closed some games ( not as many as I expected to be honest ) on turn 4, but it’s pretty fragile as well and ended up being a dead card especially in the long run.
Khaanum even worse, maybe with the 2/1 intensify dervish might get better bit I don’t think it’s worth .

Wait what, that Healyonar sucks its too good thread closed too soon, and from its depths transposed exactly zero guides on how to deal with it. Does anyone have a triage list or something? How do I pick what risks to take against it? When do I clear and when do I go face? I feel like this matchup is ALWAYS an instaloss, it overheals while I cant overcontrol. Help.

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Position around his aoe like immo and sun-whatever

Kill lancer 100% of the time

Look for dispel

Its basically aggro-midrange

Control board and dont use face too much and youll do fine


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