Is this a bug? (Luminous Charge + skorn vs Shadow dancer)


I was playing abyssian, with a priestess completely surrounded with wraithlings and a shadow dancer. (I finished xor’s trial but had not played him yet. Xor’s destiny was not in effect.)

Next the opponent (Faie) plays luminous charge and then skorn. It kills shadow dancer and a bunch of wraithlings.

Wierdly enough, shadow dancer, at 0 health, steals a ton of health from the opponent before dying. The opponent then dies.

Is this supposed to happen?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any screenshots because one of the wraithlings is showing up as undefined/undefined and messing up the replay.


Dunno if this is truly intended, but I have an explanation for this.

Luminous walls have dying wish. I believe that Dancer’s effect activates before DW. So it was alive while they were dying.

Similar to Maehv’s BBS. Her spell resolves before DW and we get Azure Shamaned husks.

Should also test this with Shadowdancer vs Ironclad. I believe Dancer will be dispelled AFTER damaging/healing.

Btw, was Dancer killed by Skorn alone or by Luminous, i.e. did it have 1 hp?


Deathwatch is triggered immediately when another minion dies while dying wish resolves after the minions death so the interaction is correct, as Alplod said.


it goes like this
1 luminous charge dies
2 shadow dancer procs
3 shadowdancer takes damage from the dying wish
4 repeat 1-3 for all charges due to simultaneous death
5 shadowdancer dies

you can swap steps 3 and 4 if you want, but it makes no difference.

since the walls have to take damage and die before dealing damage to the dancer which then dies, there’s a degree of seperation between the shadowdancers death and the charges.

meaning the charges deaths have to resolve before the dancers does. meaning that its probably not a bug, but a counter.


This is also why Kelaino always heals you while dying from an attack, if her counterattack deals damage.


Dancer was killed by luminous.

Great! Now I only have to submit a bug report for that undefined/undefined wraithling.


Even if it is intended, this is just wrong. Why would damage be taken after the dancer procs? Totally counter-intuitive.


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