Is there an anti-ragnora deck out there?


I don’t mind wanderer. Or healonar. Or fault.

I’m just really sick of ragnora.

Are there any decks out there that can counter ragnora (eggmar and/or wanderer)?


Any Songhai burn list would do.


I would say Midrange Kaleos, but its not a direct counter. Its depends on the skill level of both players. I had decent success against Ragnora Wanderer with it last season through Diamond, but I also feel like the skill level for most of those players weren’t particularly high. Had a lot of them just drop Wanderer on 6 mana even, when it wasn’t a good play. But I should also say my skill level with Kaleos is also not high either. Better players with Kaleos would probably have a better/easier time than I had.


My pantheron Zirix deck and trial Sajj work decently against wanderer decks as long as you play them right. Star’s fury is an eggmar’s bane and pantheran outpaces wanderer rag if you don;t get unlucky


Nothing beats Eggmar :stuck_out_tongue:


You can be a meanie with Ciphyron. Fifth Canopic means no more Ripper eggos. Grapnel Paradigm can give you all the eggs. And I don’t know how Rag answers Swarmking Scarab. 2x Lava lance? Egg morph + lava lance?

Standard Vet golem package. Maybe rasha’s curse for the Zoetic Charms. Bloodtears for early eggs.


Golem Ciphyron beats all kinds of Ragnora from Wanderer to Dedicated Eggmar. Bloodtears and Boneswarm kill eggs. Grapnel robs them. Wind striker can prevent ripper burst. Hordes of minions buffed by Inner Oasis are hard for him to remove.


Here’s a deck that has a chance against Eggmar.


Wait a minute…That looks really similar to my Extinction list (Extinction replaces Spelljammer)


It’s a fairly standard Magmar list. Extinction is just Ragnora playing with his food instead of making it quick.


Spinecleaver works well against eggs.


You’d think so but no, it doesnt really.


Theres nothing that straight up shuts him down-with zoetic charm,lava lance and magmars generally strong cards he will have options against everything
You can make it harder for him by adding pings into your deck.Best neutrals vs him are
-blistering skorn
-blood tear
Best card in general against him in my opinion is battle panddo


vs wanderer in general, any aggro is good i guess. vs eggmar you pack pings and pray i guess (I’m having a fairly good winrate vs them as aggro faie cause of the BBS for artifacts and egg removal with sisters)


The fairer answer is no but there are loads of techs that helps, mostly having a good AoE coverage. Dispells also brings him down in a pinch by nullifying the rebirth effect both from eggs and minions. When in doubt, Sun Bloom/Tempest it.


But Panddo dies to lance. The best way to beat Ragnora is to go aggro.


Magmar always has answers.Still if he lances atleast the egg dies.Zoetic charm gives nearly everything a tough time but atleast panddo pings the artifact and decimates it if left on the board


yall be preparing anti ragnora decks, and then pupabomb becomes meta.

like it wasnt bad enough


You just answered yourself. Lava lance only costs 1, so the two combos above are really common.


Ziran burn melts ragnora if he’s not running jugg, otherwise jugg runs her over

Mantra is also fairly strong vs most eggs