Is there a way to get the Shim'Zar card back?


I didn’t know about the preorder thing, so I am wondering, will the Shim’Zar card back eventually be obtainable with spirit?
It’s currently not visible for me.



I think that is only available for people who preordered the Orb Deal. I don’t think they will make it avaliable for regular purchase, but you never know.


agree with BlankTrack probably only a pre-order bonus just like Hearthstone. But wouldn’t hate the idea of letting other people craft it.

I already own it.


Kinda sad if it stays exclusive… Like the PAX skin :frowning: After all, as a kickstarter backer I was promised quite a number of exclusive things that I didn’t get due to them changing the rewards, and now even though I backed at the level ESPECIALLY to not miss out on exclusive things, I miss out on exclusive things and DIDN’T get all my promised exclusive things.

Note: I understand their reasons to change it and frankly I agree, but understanding rationally doesn’t really help my emotions which feel sadness at this :stuck_out_tongue:


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